Masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery Tour

The only guided visit that takes you through both levels of the iconic Uffizi Gallery! Gain the best view and insight into Italy’s greatest art with us. Firenze Card discount available.

Masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery Tour

Michael Palin featured our Uffizi tour in a BBC World Documentary for its easy and engaging access to the world-famous art museum. Our skip-the-line Uffizi tour will introduce you to the most famous artists of Italian history. Well, to their artwork! Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Titian, Raphael, Caravaggio…. Their names are known the world over – and now you’ll see why! Standing before their art, our guides will show you their significance and you’ll be able to appreciate their genius for yourself!

Relax and Enjoy: In-depth and up-close to the art 

Our Uffizi tour covers the Uffizi Gallery’s major rooms and halls. As the only company in Italy recommended by every major travel guide, our visit is a streamlined Uffizi tour that helps you focus on the most important artworks. We know how overwhelming museums can sometimes be, and that’s why we carefully curate the Uffizi tour, focusing on the fun and fascinating.

Making Uffizi art and history come alive

Find out how Michelangelo out-smarted a famous skinflint. Learn about the mysterious and beautiful model in Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. See the transformation of Leonardo da Vinci’s creative talent. Understand the major techniques used in Renaissance art. But we don’t just tell you the history of a piece of art: we show you that history. Our experts will guide you through the beauty and value of countless art masterpieces. And best of all, we’ll make it fun to! Blame it on our background as a theater company, but we believe tours should be entertaining.

Uffizi Skip-the-line Priority Entrance

Avoid long lines with skip-the-line tickets and take the shorter, quicker line. Take the quickest entry and get up close and personal with the Renaissance masters! Our afternoon Uffizi tour is the ideal length for the whole family and leaves you time to join our David tour of the Accademia Gallery afterwards!

The Masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery – Prefer a Private Uffizi Tour?

You can choose to do the Masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery as a private or small shared group experience.


Why Book Masterpieces of the Uffizi Tour?

  • Our personally trained Artviva guides select the best itinerary for an engaging streamlined tour
  • Artviva’s excellence has been recommended by every major travel guide from Rick Steves to TIME magazine
  • You’ll see all the best bits of the Uffizi and meet all the famous masters of Italian history without wasting your time
  • Our small groups give a personal experience, letting  you ask all the questions you like
  • Our fully licensed travel agency ensures peace of mind
  • We’re real people based in the center of Florence – come and speak to us any time
  • True local expertise that’s stood the test of time Since 1996

Firenze Card Discount Available!

For a Firenze Card discount just email us after you have made your booking with your booking details.

For more information and buying the Firenze Card

PLEASE NOTE – Persons under 18 now are required to bring their original ID with them to the tour for museum entry

Tour Details

Highlights of the Masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery Tour include:
  • Quick and easy reserved access – you won’t have to wait hours in the line for tickets
  • An expert, qualified and licensed guide – we carefully select our guides for their great storytelling skills
  • Get up close to the art in a small group – have the chance to ask all the questions you like
  • An exclusive fascinating introduction to Renaissance art – great stories about the masters who changed art forever
  • Understand what makes these artworks so important and see the personality behind the famous names of Leonardo da Vinci, Boticelli, Michelangelo, Titian, Raphael, Bronzino and Caravaggio
  • Run by the only company recommended by every major travel guide including Rick Steves.
Important Information

All persons under 17 must present valid ID showing date of birth for entry into museums or full adult price will be charged.

Included in price: Uffizi Museum skip-the-line entry and reservation fees, small group guarantee, professional guide, audio headsets used when required.

Excluded from price: Optional gratuities

Maximum Participants
14 adults

On occasion we may have to go slightly over.

Meeting Time 1.30 (15 minutes before the tour starts)

Start Time 1.45

We recommend having lunch at Frescobaldi Restaurant if you are doing the Uffizi gallery tour with us next. The Uffizi tour meets outside the restaurant.

Tour Length: 2 hours 15 minutes

We finish in the Uffizi gallery. You can stay and enjoy it longer if you wish. There is a roof top bar with lovely views. If you are doing the small shared group David tour after, you need to be on time for that at 4.45

Weather: This tour runs rain or shine

Time: The small group tour runs from Tuesday to Sunday from 13:30 meeting time -16:00 approx.
This tour does not run on Sundays from the first of March until Easter nor on Sundays in November.

Museum security: Due to increased security, some delays are to be expected. We do in any case offer the quickest possibly entry. Backpacks, large bags, liquids, ‘selfie-sticks’ and long umbrellas are not permitted in the museum. It is not always possible to check them in a cloakroom so please carry as little as possible.

Meeting Point

Outside Frescobaldi Restaurant
Piazza della Signoria, 31


Yes, you can combine this tour with the Original Florence Walk and the David tour to cover all the highlights of Florence, but we recommend spreading the tours over at least 2 days.

Yes, children of all ages are allowed on the tour.

You won’t have to wait in line with the rest of the visitors that do not have a reservation, there is a separate entrance for people who have skip-the-line reservation but you still have to go through security check and there might be a line for that.

Yes, there is a ramp and an elevator in the Uffizi gallery.

The shared group tour runs in English only, but we can arrange private tours in other languages.

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57 reviews for Masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery Tour

  1. Barbara Trexler

    Our guide was very knowledgeable, not only about the works at the Uffizi, but about how the people in Florence lived. It was fascinating! Really the best way to see the museum.A focused tour allowed the Uffizi to become alive and relevant, as an understanding of the art weaves in the culture and history of the time. It was a great, exciting tour

  2. John and Nina Garlington

    The guide was very informative and knowledgeable and managed to create an excellent context for each artist and his works. We would have been lost in the Uffizi without the tour. We thought it was excellent

  3. Douglas Port

    I had a really interesting and fun tour of the Uffizi gallery in Florence with a company called Artviva. We were escorted to the gallery by a young guide who is a native speaker of English and were able to gain entry without the usual interminable wait in the queue.
    Having visited the gallery before, I know it is a vaste repository of wonderful paintings and sculptures. But you can wear out an awful lot of shoe leather trying to find the really good stuff and even then you might not realise what you are looking at. Our guide on the other hand knew just where to take us and was full of entertaining stories about the artists and their work. There were some children in our group who were kept interested with questions to answer with a treasure hunt style quiz. They seemed to really enjoy the tour as much as the adults. After our tour we were free to keep exploring the gallery for as long as we wished

  4. Anne Hargreaves

    Our guide on the Uffizi tour was probably the best guide on any tour I have ever attended, lively, fun, informative. A great afternoon.

  5. Les and Akanksha Santiago

    If you do not know anything about art and want to navigate the Uffizi—take this tour! You get a real perspective for the whole world of art

  6. P.J Ramsey

    The Uffizi Gallery tour was without a question the VERY BEST guided tour we have ever had. Our guide was brilliant. She made it so interesting—the time just flew by. A certain MUST for visitors to Florence

  7. Fruzsina Perko

    The tourist guide was perfect Very interesting and the Gallery was amasing I have to go back as soon as possible

  8. Tom Newton

    Our guide (Klaus) made our tour so interesting! He was so knowledgeable! We highly recommend this tour!

  9. Richard McCarthy

    Enjoyed thoroughly. A knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide.

  10. Jacqui Robinson

    Booked small group tour for Friday 01st March at 13.30. Meeting point changed, but when we phoned to query they answered phone immediately and the tour guide came to us. It was only the two of us on the tour so we were spoilt. No queue to get in, quickly through security and into the gallery. Pier Carlo Testa our guide was an English lady who was a wealth of information. She made the tour very interesting with little snipets of information bringing the paintings to life. On the 1st Sunday of each month entrance to the galleries is free, which may account for why it was quiet on the Friday. When we walked past the gallery on Sunday the queue was horrendous, it was like the queue for day tickets at Wimbledon tennis.

  11. D Spivak

    Klaus was an extremely knowledgeable and engaging tour guide, who provided deep context and a lot of historical knowledge in a friendly and fun manner. He was fantastic and the tour was great!

  12. Maya Tohme

    A wonderful tour of the Uffizi from the Medieval period to the height of the Renaissance to the Baroque era. All recounted by our wonderful guide Klaas who was so generous with his knowledge and time! We zigzagged the galleries with him going from one masterpiece to the next. A great afternoon thanks to Klaas’ interactive style and his sunny disposition. Thank you ArtViva for your amazing team of staff (Faeza et al) and guides!

  13. Robert H. WELBORN

    Loved our guide Helga. Her knowledge and enthusiasm were the best part of the guided tour of the Uffizi.

  14. Sabine

    We enjoyed an excellent tour with Angelo. He is fantastic, very competent and explained expertly and entertaining. Highly Recommended.

  15. Joyce Bartl

    I was so excited to tour the Uffizi, but was worried it might be overwhelming. Without our guide, Catherine, that may have been the case. So if you want to see the best of the best, with a great guide, take this tour. Catherine’s deep knowledge and passion for the art was immediately evident. And yet she was able to convey and illuminate the paintings in everyday and easy to understand terms. She added personal stories about the paintings, artists, and the people, which I particularly liked, as it helped me to imagine what it was like back then. Overall, this is a great tour which you should seriously consider taking!

  16. Janice Cepela

    We were a group of 3 people. I booked the tour from the United States with no problems. The tour was Fantastic! Brenda was our guide and she was great – could not have been better! She has a lot of Art History knowledge. She answered many questions and had great stories about the artist, Florence and history in general. I highly recommend this tour!

  17. Amy Zimmer

    Martina gave life to the Uffizi gallery. Hard to believe such a young person could have so much knowledge. Her love of the art pieces and their history was easy to see and enjoy. Fantastic tour!

  18. Debbie Burson

    This was a great tour of the art highlights in this gallery! Our guide was very knowledgeable. We are really not art enthusiasts, but this tour was just enough historical information to suit us. If we hadn’t done the tour, we wouldn’t have understood the significance of the paintings.

  19. Matthew Hartin

    Klaus was the absolute best, funny, fun, informative, the information was exciting and the stories were great. He kept me very engaged and excited for a full 5 hours. He went above and beyond, I’d recommend this tour to anyone

  20. Anna Volkov

    We have booked the tour based on the reviews and it did not disappoint! Our tour guide was Sally. We found her to be extremely knowledgeable in Art History and Renaissance specifically. She was so captivating that the time just flew by and the tour was over. I have already recommended Art Viva and Sally to my friends who are planning on traveling to Italy. Book your tour! You will not be disappointed!

  21. Patrica-Capalongo

    Highly recommend ArtViva!! Great tours and easy to book. Manolis was alot of fun and pleasant and very knowledgeable. All went so smoothly and we so enjoyed working with this company we booked a private tour outside of the city that they went anove and beyond to help us and they were efficient and quick to respond and organize! Thank you Faezeh!! We his woman is the best!!!

  22. Rolf Goodwin

    We had an excellent guide, knowledgeable while concise. Florentine art can be a challenge as there is so much context needed for each work. That’s why we thought we should get a guide. We were very pleased.

  23. Barbara K.

    Easy to book, smaller group, very knowledgeable tour guide Martina. Booked 2 Artviva tours. Would use them again.

  24. Joyce Massey

    This was the first time my husband and I have been in Florence and we knew we wanted to see the Uffizi, but we’d also heard it was very crowded most of the time. The tour prevented the need to stand in line to buy tickets or to wait in the long line to get into the gallery. Ricardo, our guide, was very knowledgeable of the gallery and the places to see the paintings in which we were most interested. His insights into the uniqueness of each painting, including the differences of the appearance of the picture based upon the angle of your view , made the tour one of the highlights of our trip. We highly recommend it. Thanks Ricardo!

  25. Marian Driedger

    The guide Martina was very informative and she made learning about the art fun. I appreciated the art that she picked to highlight. The tour was just a little too long for us. I would recommend this tour.

  26. Joe F.

    Loredonna was fantastic. She blended Florence history with art and art history perfectly. She was an excellent communicator and made the Ufizzi very accessible and relevant. I heartily recommend ArtViva and Loredonna.

  27. Pokey Rule

    Highly entertaining; learned a lot and saw some really cool art. The head pieces were great so we didn’t have to stay really close to hear

  28. Karin Franchino

    Guide brought pictures to live. You could tell that she really liked art history. No problems of any kind. Would definitely recommend this tour to my friends. So much more interesting to be on this tour than visiting the museum on your own. .

  29. Catherine

    We enjoyed our tour with or guide who is from Florence but spent two years at school so his English was very good. We were in a group of 12 but was not a problem to heat him as the radios provided with disposable ear bud worked very well. For us it was great to have someone knowledgeable about the art and history provide background on a number of the art pieces. At 2 hrs and 15 minutes including the time to get through security it was a good length for us. The tour finished inside the gallery so anyone wanting to stay and see more could. I would recommend this tour.

  30. Justin McIvor

    Our guide showed expertise and passion in interpreting the art pieces in a very accessible way. She was able to connect use with the importance and innovation contained in these great pieces in a very short time. I highly recommend this experience.

  31. Timothy F.

    We had an absolutely wonderful experience all due to our great tour guide. He was very knowledgeable, funny and kept everything exciting and moving the whole time. We learned a lot and were very happy we decided to do the tour. This is the BEST way to visit, and will make your experience much deeper and enjoyable.

  32. Emily Averbrook

    Excellent tour and excellent guide. He moved along quickly to cover many works and he provided insight from an art history perspective. Even after 3 hours we were still going strong, and sorry for the tour to end. The best of several tours we took during our Italy trip.

  33. Peter Smith

    Our guide (from Carolina?) gave us a thoroughly interesting and absorbing intro to both the art and history of the period. Easy delivery and her obvious deep interest in the subject with interesting anecdotes kept us fully engaged throughout. We went back in on our own afterwards but it wasnt the same and we were lost without her lead. Really well done. Thanks.

  34. Sarah Bahr

    Our guide was not only very knowledgeable, she was also clearly passionate about art. It was clear she loved the arts and the uffizi. She was also funny! She frequently cracked jokes and puns. I had 2 english tours booked in Italy and the other one, booked with a different company, was not very good as the ‘english speaking’ tour guide spoke only broken English and was difficult to understand. it was really great and impressive to us to have a guide who spoke well enough to make colloquial jokes.

  35. Amy Garrick

    Our guide was very informative and knew so much about the paintings. She connected everything with the history of Florence and prepared us for the crowds we encountered while maintaining a sense of humor.

  36. Judith Aiello

    Our guide was amazing. He was a fount of knowledge, yet was easy going & comfortable with everyone in our group. This was my 6th tour with ArtViva! I definitely recommend your company to anyone with a curiosity to learn. Way to go, ArtViva, for making yet another encounter spectacular! I’ll be back!!!

  37. Lori Falk

    We chose the private tour for 4 people. Kate was wonderful. Very knowledgeable. She was very accomodating. She knew quite a large amount of history behind the paintings. Did you know that many of the benefactors of the commissioned art are painted into the paintings? Do you know where they are located in the paintings? Terrific to know more about the era of when the paintings were done….. why the paintings were commissioned…..truly a very nice tribute to Italian art. Look at the statues…. the heads may be greek and the bodies roman…. so much history….need more time…… fantastic.

  38. E A

    Loved this overview of the history and progression of Renaissance art in Florence, and the cultural, social, religious and political influences guiding it along. Martina was a fantastic, fun, funny and extremely informative guide. I learned so much and will have a great grounding in the work for my next visit someday. Highly recommended.

  39. Brian & Carolyn

    We had a great tour with Valeria of the Uffizi Gallery. When touring the Uffizi, it is important to remember that there are over 1000 masterpieces here. Valeria’s focus was on a small number of critical paintings to illustrate the evolution of art in Florence starting in the Middle Ages and cumulating with Michelangelo. I feel a greater appreciation for these works after understanding the times and circumstances of their creation. Valeria did a wonderful job in doing so and in answering our many questions.

  40. Jacqueline

    Our guide was very interesting, knowledgable and spoke in English that was easy to understand. She was highly professional despite being yelled at by a couple of unhappy folks. The tour itself included a collection of art highlights with associated history and lots of fun facts. I highly recommend the Uffizi tour and I highly recommend the guide.

  41. Owen Morgan

    The tour proper was excellent and the guide was certainly up to the standards I used to expect from this company (I last did this tour maybe 7yrs ago, so this was a refresher). Tour administration could be sharpened up: guides arrive after designated meeting time; no spare batteries for guide’s equipment; rendezvous is in front of the one restaurant in the square that can’t be actually be seen until you’re standing right in front of it… But I’m being hard – it was a great tour and a very knowledgeable and entertaining guide.

  42. Andrew Prout

    My wife and I joined the Art Viva tour of the Uffizi. We like to travel independently, so are very selective about tours. This tour rates as our all time favourite tour. It was entertaining and informative. It was like walking through the lives of the Medicis and seeing how art developed through the generations of masters. 30 years ago we visited the Uffizi on our own and we had no real idea of what we were looking at. A huge thanks to our guide and Art Viva Andrew and Debbie Melbourne- Australia

  43. Jason Tindol

    Experience was great. Our guide was knowledgeable and gave a great history lesson in addition to the facts about each piece. If you want an educational tour about the history of the time period as well as the art, then I highly recommend this tour.

  44. Ellen Frank

    I so enjoyed the tour with our guide- her knowledge and insight into the history of Florence and how it impacted the art world was fascinating. She kept us all interested and focused; I would take any tour again guided by her expert hand.

  45. Marjam

    I really enjoyed this tour through the galleries. The guide was nice and you knew he was having fun putting across his knowledge he has gained as a professional art researcher. There was a clear structure to the tour itself, and Mario explained the different styles and what differentiates them, which made it easy to follow. He has an interactive style asking questions while leading a group, which proved to be good as I realised it was therefore easier to remember what he had explained before. Overall, I would recommend this tour as you see important masterpieces and get access to “behind the scenes” knowledge.

  46. Charles Ponder

    The Artviva tour of the Uffizi was a great deal. You learn so much about the important works with a very knowledgeable guide. It was interesting to learn about the artists and the history behind each work you may otherwise never know if you did it on your own. Highly recommend!

  47. Charles A Murray

    This was an amazing tour, starting with the skip the line, skip the line entrance…we walked right in bypassing a long line. Our guide was fun and informative, explaining about many of the most famous works of art. I highly recommend this tour!

  48. Lauren K

    The guide was fantastic and navigated the busy Uffizi very well! She hit some interesting pieces and gave excellent background on the times and stories around different paintings! Highly recommend ArtViva!

  49. Heather D

    This was a great tour. Helge had so much knowledge on the artists. You could tell she absolutely loves art. Perfecto!

  50. GO

    An excellent guide, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. We learned a lot about the artists and paintings. On our own, we would have just wandered about and missed a lot, but with the tour we saw the highlights in a focused and engaging way. If you don’t know much about Italian art, we recommend this tour to help you appreciate the museum.

  51. Bonnie Wilson

    Our tour with Tatjana in May 2019 was all that we had hoped. She led us to the great works, helping us understand them much better than our art history books had. She was lively and knowledgeable. It is an added bonus that you don’t have to wait in line forever.

  52. Linda Brotherson

    I thought our guide did a great job walking us through the development of art and showing why there was such an appreciation of many of the pieces in the gallery. Very easy to understand and follow along. Felt like it was perfect amount of time to spend and education for someone who was not an art major.

  53. Alyssa Hollier

    The personal experience/interest of our tour guide was fascinating. She gave us so much history that I wasn’t expecting. I would definitely recommend this tour and your company.

  54. John Cunnane

    Guide was personable, funny and knowledgeable; she made the Uffizi incredibly accessible. We would have never known the story of a young Leonardo completely outshining his mentor Verrochio or the difficulty of perspective in Carravagio’s Medusa on a round convex shield. It was truly a memorable tour.

  55. Vin Prabhat

    If you want a tour guide who is truly knowledgeable and well educated and passionate about the exhibits, then use art viva. If you are a casual tourist who wants very basic and superficial knowledge that you can get from a brochure then art viva is not for you. We had a great experience. I would highly recommend to a friend with the same interest.


    My 13 year old daughter and I had a fantastic time with an ArtViva guide Tatiana. We visited Uffizi Gallery and later the Academy with her and wanted this tour to continue for hours and hours more. Tatiana is a knowledgeable, resourceful, and inspiring guide with good sense of humor and passion for art history. Within limited amount of time, she walked us through three centuries of art explaining how painting style and meaning the artists put into their work have been changing. Tatiana presented historical material in entertaining and educational way. We would love to come back to Florence and have more tours with her. I highly recommend any your with her and with other guides from ArtViva. Excellent organization and customer service.

  57. Ward Bobitz

    Loved our tour and guide. Mariogesù was fabulous!! Entertaining, informative and interactive. This was our first time using Artviva – We have done several European museum and city tours with another operator, but will look to use Artviva in the future.

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