The Story About Us

The Story About Us

Since 1996
We were the first tour operator to create high-quality small-group tours.
Small groups
When we say small groups, we really do mean it. Maximum sizes are from 7-15 people
Local expertise
Our tours are all created with the help of passionate locals to take you off-the-beaten path.
Responsible tourism
We are proud to stand by the ethical standards of Responsible Tourism.
Most recommended
With features on BBC World, CNN, The History Chanel, and Now This.

Sharing our italian passion since 1996

We began as a theater company.  Then transformed into an experiential travel provider.  We then evolved into a  fully-licensed tour operator. We are based exclusively in Florence; the most recommended tour operator in Italy, with recommendations from all major travel guides like Rick Steves, Lonely Planet, and The New York Times, plus features on BBC World News, Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and Now This. We work with highly-qualified guides, passionate locals, art historians, and leading industry experts – including aristocrats, authors, actors, artists, and artisans.

No other company in Italy offers such variety and depth of imagination and such innovative travel itineraries.

Sabbaticals and Work From Home in Italy

With our over 20 years experience organising the very best of Italy, we can provide everything you need for a wonderful sabbatical or fabulous time working remotely from home in Italy. Find out more and book your consultation here.

Sharing Our Italian Passion Since 1996

Experiences, not tours

We design travel experiences that engage, inform, and entertain visitors. Whether you’re booking a museum tour or a luxury villa retreat, we want you to experience your destination, not just see it. We provide travelers from all over the globe and all walks of life with creative & enlightening tours and experiences – and have done so for over twenty years. Our tours continue to receive considerable international acclaim and consideration from travel writers, guidebooks, and celebrities.

But we understand that travel and tourism, like all things, changes with time. Our commitment to quality means that we never take our leading position for granted, and we dedicate ourselves fully to evolving and perfecting our tours, so that they always reflect exactly what you’re looking for (and sometimes, what you didn’t even know you wanted!). Every experience we offer is carefully crafted to deliver only the most essential authentic Italy – the kind of Italy you dream of visiting.

That means that we’ve done all the work for you. We’ve researched the most interesting stories and settings to invigorate your spirit while here. And we don’t just stop there. We’ve also sought out the best of everything – the best views of that stunning Tuscan sunset and most beautiful olive groves, vineyards, and cypress-lined paths; the best traditional and off-the-beaten path restaurants and local trattorias where you can enjoy homemade specialties; and of course Italy’s most exclusive wine producers and private luxury villas.

When we say we look forward to welcoming you to Italy, we mean the real Italy.

We really do mean small-groups

We believe that our group tours will turn anyone into a tour convert. When we say small groups, we mean the kinds of small groups that you’re thinking of: instant friends with your tour companions, one-on-one time with your tour guide, group discounts that have you ultimately paying less, seeing things you wouldn’t normally be able to see and things that bigger groups just can’t access (like the Vasari Corridor, artisan shops, small chapels and this secret underground room with Michelangelo’s hidden paintings!). 

Our biggest group tours cap at 15 people, and our day trips and evening tours half that. This means a better and more intimate travel experience. When you’re traveling to a new and foreign country, having someone to show you the way can make all the difference in your experience. A good guide will give you facts about the area, but a great guide (the kinds of guides we work with) will share their passion with you and get you excited. Whether it’s a street food tour or a day trip beyond the city walls, your guide will make you fall in love with your destination.

But more than anything, it means experiencing Italy intimately and authentically.

Our Unique Theatrical Roots

We began as a theatre company. That’s how and why we were first inspired to believe that tours could be entertaining and informative. That learning about our incredible Italian heritage could be enjoyable. All our guides are chosen for being amazing personalities. Our tours, experiences and events are crafted and designed to be unforgettable

Mobile Group Tour
Sustainable Travel
Ethics Code Fiavet 2018

Our values

We believe in Responsible Tourism. In enhancing the wellbeing and economies of host communities. In contributing positively to nature, diversity, and cultural heritage. In creating enjoyable experiences for tourists through meaningful connections with locals. In promoting a deeper understanding of local Italian culture. In strengthening respect between visitors and hosts. In building local pride and confidence.

We are the only company in Italy that provides an extensive library for our guides and staff to deepen our knowledge base and broaden our understanding.

Best of Italy!

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