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The 3 Best Months to Visit Venice

Thinking of Visiting Venice but not sure when the best time is? Take a look at our guide to the best times to visit and why.



As you may know, these days Venice is known for its mass tourism and as in most places in Europe this heightens over the summer. Venice, in particular,  brings in daily crowds from enormous cruise liners, which has caused significant controversy -especially after a recent crash by a cruise ship injuring 5 people. 

The streets of Venice are narrow and so it can be tiring to navigate when they’re also packed full of people. Add to that, the stifling heat and humidity, combined with the smell of the canal water, and we think you’d rather avoid it!

April, in the springtime, can be a lovely time to visit Venice. Springtime in Italy is often as warm as a northern European summer (see below for average temperatures) and there is more likely to be fresh air circulating through the little streets and canals. If it has been a wet spring there is a risk of flooding (aqua alta) however, so watch out.


Late September/Early October:

Autumn/Fall offers similar benefits to spring in Venice. Reduced crowds, cooler (but still pleasant) weather and space to stroll around the passageways.



December can be a great time to visit Venice. Since it’s not exactly your summer beach location, it’s not a bad idea to go during the Christmassy atmosphere of December.


What’s the weather like in Venice?


Yearly Weather Averages for Venice, Italy










42/30 F°


61/46 F°


81/64 F°


64/48 F°


46/33 F°


70/54 F°


80/63 F°


53/49 F°


53/48 F°


76/60 F°


74/57 F°


44/32 F°

See here for up-to-date weather forecasts 

SPRING is one of the nicer seasons to visit Italy and in particular Venice.  Mass tourism has not really started yet and the temperatures are generally very comfortable.  Unfortunately this is one of the wetter periods of the year, although by May the rainy day normally becomes a rarity. This means that visitors can expect acqua alta  or flooding in Venice. However, the countryside is beautiful in the Spring – bright green fields dotted with colorful wildflowers.  The days are beginning to lengthen, and in fact during the month of May one can expect about 10 hours of daylight.  The average temperatures for this season are between 65° and 75°.

SUMMER is the busiest time to visit Italy.  The weather is a predictably sunny and it can get very hot.  There is also a high humidity factor, especially in the cities.  Expect to wait in long lines for any museums, unless you have reservations.  In the first weeks of August the cities usually empty out while the seaside resorts do a booming business.  If you would like to plan a seaside holiday during this period, it is advisable to book many months in advance.  The average summer temperature varies between 80° and 90°, sometimes reaching the 100° mark, but the evenings are usually quite comfortable.

AUTUMN is a beautiful season to have an Italian holiday.  The weather up until the end of October and sometimes into November is lovely.  The grape harvest is done in this season and seeing the vineyards in “full bloom” is really a treat.  There is less tourism than in the summer months and the average temperatures of 75° to 70° is very comfortable for those who enjoy a more active type of vacation like walking or trekking.  The autumn light is beautiful although the daylight hours are only about 8 to 9 hours a day.   Early autumn is usually fairly dry – the wetter season starts around mid-November.

WINTER is a good time to visit Italy.  Although Venice can get cold – the average winter temperature is around 50° – this season is sometimes wet, but one can also expect many lovely sunny days. Again, because of the rain there is always the possibility of flooding in the streets in Venice. However, there are many advantages to visiting Venice in the winter.  Lines for museums are generally non-existent and it is easy to find reasonable accommodations for better prices.  There are not many hours of daylight in December, but by February the days have lengthened considerably.

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Best of Italy!

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