A Gentleman's Tour - Shop, Style & Taste in Italy

Treat yourself or the man in your life, with this unique Gentleman’s tour of Florence! Discover the essence of Italian style with a bespoke tailor, shoemaker, barber and fine wine cellar from the best craftsmen in Italy.

Men’s style, Italian style

The ancient Italian art of looking sharp can be yours with this new half-day outing for men!

Bella Figura‘, literally ‘beautiful figure’, is the Italian philosophy of giving a good impression: of one’s character, comportment and appearance. In Italy, men enjoy dressing finely and presenting themselves well as much as women. But Italian style can be a novelty to some.

The perfect gift, you’ll walk away with all the tools and knowledge for a complete makeover. We’ll visit a watchmaker, tailor, and shoemaker so you’ve got the contacts and can make appointments without pressure for restyling your wardrobe. Men’s style will have a new meaning as you unfold the enigma with the authenticity of ‘Made in Italy’ elegance.

What’s more, a visit to the best barber in town means you can reconsider your grooming routine, learn how the Italians style their hair, and if it’s for you – understand how best to wear your mustache!

But your tastebuds won’t be feeling left out – we’ve got tastings lined up for you at the historical enoteca Alessi. ‘Enoteca’ literally means ‘wine collection’. It is used for wine shops that put together a high quality selection of wine to set standards and values.

If you’ve ever felt out of your depth when it comes to wine-tasting, or want to deepen your understanding of Italian wines, you’ll now be able to speak with confidence. You’ll get a sensory guide through the key Italian varieties, by grape and region.

A Gentleman’s day out in Florence:

We’ll introduce you to the best Italian shopping tips from how to style and tailor your clothes, choosing your grooming products and masculine scent and what makes hand-crafted items like knives, watches and gloves such exceptional quality in Italy.

Artisan coffee

Beginning with an artisan espresso, at the bar – the Italian way – we’ll head off to explore the best products in the city. Watches, belts and wallets we’ll take a deeper look at the top quality leather and craftsmanships.

Hand-made shoes

Don’t miss out on the finest quality Italian shoes with our chosen shoemaker. You’ll get to see the finest detail and attention that goes into making the finest Italian shoes with the best Italian leather. After all, Florence is known for its leather.

Bespoke jackets and suits

You’ll then be introduced to an Italian tailor who will show you how they cut their jackets and shirts on the continent to look extra sharp! Italian style can be yours in no time!

Enjoy a hot flannel

To refresh you from the dusty streets why not pamper yourself with an exceptional barber experience. A hot flannel and, if you like a sharp trim and shave you’ll be looking and feeling fine for our next stop!

Men’s Cologne

We’ll visit a perfumery to understand the complicated process of making scents and what makes a manly scent!

Fine wine tasting

By now it’s almost certainly time for a drink. Well, you’ll get a few at a tasting of a range of fine wines! Understand what separates top quality Italian wine so refined and maybe find a bottle to take home!

Making Men’s Fashion Easy

We know fashion can seem elusive and confusing. Our elegant guides will simplify things. They’ll let you in on the secrets of a few basic principles to follow – so you can effortlessly exude Italian style.

Understanding quality craftsmanship

Italian style is not about price and brands. Men’s accessories can be found of optimal quality here in Florence due to the tradition of excellent craftsmanship dating back centuries. The city of art is also the city of the artisan. Of course, excellence of craftsmanship is seen in the Duomo, in the Davide, in the Florentine steak. But it’s also present in the style and products you can buy and keep: watches, shoes, leather goods, belts, knives and more are hand-crafted with pride and excellence.

Indulge your senses with masculine scents and fine wines

Once you’re looking and feeling your best, you’ll learn the secret to Italian scents at a perfumery. Understand what qualities different ingredients exude and discover what suits you for the air you want to carry with you!

Then you’ll be able to learn what’s what in a tasting at an award-winning wine shop. Surprise everyone next time you open a bottle by offering your refined interpretation of its flavors.

By the end of the Gentleman’s Tour, you’ll have the know-how to book your appointments for fittings at some of the top spots in Italy. You’ll know where to go for your accessories and gadgets and hopefully have a bottle or two to take away!

Tour Details

  • Visit a traditional Italian tailor and learn the best cut and fit for you and your style
  • Discover the art of shoe-making and what makes the best shoes
  • Walk among the best shops in Florence for gadgets, artisan knives, gloves, chocolate and men’s grooming products
  • A hot flannel experience at a fine barber
  • Enjoy a wine tasting discovering the best fine wine and how to distinguish them

Every 2 years Florence hosts the famous ‘Pitti Uomo’ the world’s most important men’s clothing and accessory fashion event.

But you don’t have to be a men’s fashion advocate and follower to look sharp and enjoy this men’s tour of Florence. We’ll show you the simple rules to shopping for the right products to style yourself with Italian flair.

Let your guide know what you’d like to focus on from shoes to ties to jackets and we’ll get you set to feel confident and chic every day!


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