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Secrets & Scandals: Florence Unveiled

A private tour revealing the scandalous history of Florence.

from € 21.52

An absolute first in Florence. 

Explore the less celebrated, but all the more tantalising, history of scandal and drama during this unique adults-only tour of the city. Fame and fortune during the Renaissance inevitably generated numerous scandals, notorious reputations and epic rumours. From the outrageous lifestyles of the rich and famous to their crimes of passion, hear all the juicy and sordid details behind the dramas that rocked the world of this high society.

Highlights of the private Scandals & Secrets: Florence Unveiled tour include:

  • See Florence in all her glory, the Renaissance city as you’ve never seen her before!
  • Draw back the curtains on the boudoir of this city's past, where the world’s oldest occupation was its biggest business
  • Hear flabbergasting tales with secret histories from the resplendent to the repulsive
  • Discover how renowned artists fell prey to anonymous betrayals
  • From Popes to peasants, to prominent psychopaths - discover the social, political and religious terrors rising from alchemy, pharmacy and witchery
  • Find out about the shocking (and sometimes vile) potions used to drug, cure, poison and maim
  • Spy the at times cheeky, often crude messages built into Florence’s greatest monuments
  • Pass the sites of massacres, where bodies were tossed into an ancient well still exiting today, and where superstitious locals still fear to step foot

The finer details:

Length: 2.5 hours 

Meeting point: Our office at Via Sassetti, 1 (2nd floor) in Florence's city centre. 

Start Location: Florence
End Location: Florence
Important information

Weather: runs rains or shine. 

  • Per group from 1-7 adults 275.00 € from 39.29 €
    per person
  • Per group from 8-16 persons 385.00 € from 24.06 €
    per person
  • Per group from 17-23 adults 495.00 € from 21.52 €
    per person
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