Sicily: Agrigento - The Valley of the Temples Tour

Discover the Valley of the Temples, the largest archeological site in the world and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sicily: Agrigento – The Valley of the Temples Tour

The Valley of the Temples

Found off the southern coast of Sicily, the archeological site has some of the best preserved Ancient Greek ruins and Doric temples in the world – especially outside of Greece.

Explore Agrigento

Explore the remains of Sicily’s ancient town of Agrigento, most of which still lies intact under the olive groves and orchards of today, and witness the magnificent 2000-year-old ruins of the Doric temples which still dominate the ancient Hellenic and later Roman town.

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Begin with the Temple of Olympian Zeus (Temple of Juno), and then follow via Sacra and past the early Christian necropolis. Arrive at the Temple of Concordia and witness one of the best-preserved temples of the ancient Greek world, and the largest Doric temple in history.

Temple of Hercules

Continuing further is the Temple of Hercules, and the Temple of Castor and Pollux, now symbols of the city of Agrigento.

Theron’s Tomb

Spy the mysterious pyramidal monument, today known as the Tomb of Theron’s Tomb, learn all about the theories behind its creation.

Highlights of The Valley of the Temples Tour

Explore the world’s largest archeological site of its kind, and UNESCO World Heritage Site
Step into the greatest embodiment of Great Greece art and architecture
See the ruins of seven Doric temples named after the ancient Greek and later Roman gods
Spy the remains of Theron’s Tomb, and uncover the mysteries behind its creation
Discover the remains of the ancient town of Agrigento, the Christian necropolises, the original city gates and Roman temple

Tour Details

The finer tour details:


  • Valley of the Temples (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Temple of Zeus
  • Temple of Concordia
  • Theron’s Tomb
  • Christian necropolis

Start Location: Agrigento
End Location: Agrigento

Weather: Tour runs rain or shine

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