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Underground Milan: The Strange, the Gothic, and the Eerie

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Explore the curious and the mysterious and discover the secret side of Milan that few tourists, and even fewer locals, get to see. We’ll take you off-the-beaten path and into the city’s historic gothic churches and deep down underground crypts and hidden wonders. From city legends to historical intrigue, our unique small-group walking tour will expose Milan as never seen before.

Meet in Piazza del Duomo, in front of the impressive gothic masterpiece the Cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente, and begin a guided tour of the secret side of Milan. Then visit the medieval Church of San Bernardino alle Ossa, and adjoining bone house of the dead. Learn about the historic Ca’ Granda hospital, one of the oldest hospitals in Europe and built by a Florentine architect to help the city’s poorest people. After, a tour of the sunken and lost Crypt of the Basilica di San Giovanni in Conca, whose remaining Romanesque ruins are one of the most important sites of Milan history. And finally, we’ll take you to visit to the Renaissance church of Santa Maria presso San Satiro with its early-medieval shrine, where you will uncover one of history’s greatest architectural optical illusions, known as trompe l'oeil in the art world, which will leave you stunned at the genius behind it. 


Sites Visited
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente (external)
  • Church of San Bernardino alle Ossa
  • Ca’ Granda (external)
  • Crypt of the Basilica di San Giovanni in Conca
  • Santa Maria presso San Satiro
Start Location: Milan
End Location: Milan
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