The True Spirit of Travel in Italy Starts Here.

We organize luxury travel and unique bespoke experiences all over the Italian peninsula.
Interactive performance events, romantic castles and villas, dreamy churches, classic vintage cars or luxury sports cars to take you around.
Sabbaticals with assistance on renting or long stays in luxury villas, castles and palaces for rent or purchase.
We also organize superb gourmet and wine events and experiences, from truffle hunts and market walks to cooking classes with Italy’s next Netflix’s Chef's Table chefs.
We have wine writer sommeliers and Michelin chefs that can come to your villa to teach you all about enjoying Italian food and wine culture.
Whatever your dream is, we can make it happen. Let us take care of the details so you can focus on what matters.

Long stays in Italy

Why not have a long luxurious stay in Italy? We can provide everything you need to enjoy moving to Italy to work remotely or for a sabbatical. From a few week stays to three month Italy tourist visa stays to longer sabbaticals we can provide everything you need so you don’t have to worry about the red tape. From the best Italian apartments, villas, castles, palaces and yachts to full concierge services and access to legal consultation on all legal requirements to stay in Italy as well as air tickets, private jet charter and helicopter charter.

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Tuscan Wellness Retreat

A unique and immersive wellness retreat in Tuscany with an expert healer to guide you through Sensorial Healing and Somatic Awareness in this 2-day workshop.

The Tuscan

Stay in our luxuriously restored 500 year old Tuscan country house. Set amongst the olive groves and vineyards of Chianti, indulge in the pool or relax by the fireside.

Alumni Tours in Italy

We create extraordinary group tours, experiences and events for grand reunions and get-togethers. 

Vintage Cars

Spectacular events with stunning vintage cars from cute Fiat 500s to Rolls Royce Convertibles.

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Destination Weddings

Dream Destination Weddings and Special Anniversary Events in Italy.  

Unique Proposals & Vow Renewals

What about a Bird on a Wing Proposal? Imagine a beautiful bird of prey flying in with your proposal. Or a sunset dinner renewal on the rampart terraces of a medieval castle with stunning views over the Tuscan landscape?  

Sports Cars

Test drive a Ferrari? Visit the largest private collection of sports cars in the world? The best car museum in the world? No problem. Contact us below. 

Medieval Reenactments

From spectacular events including medieval and renaissance costume-the best famous chefs making incredible feasts and masked balls in stunning palaces and castles. We can do it all.  

Interactive Performances

Having a theatre company background, we make the most spectacular and creative interactive performances in Italy. 

Imagine a beautiful renaissance villa, a private garden, a historian giving a impromptu lesson on renaissance customs.

Then going to your room and finding a stunning renaissance costume in your name and a label of a famous renaissance character, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, with a little playful explanation so that you can play your role.

Imagine being whisked away from your hotel and being taken through the beautiful countryside to a surprise location. 

Imagine the gates opening and being met by renaissance maidens and twenty medieval flag throwers and trumpeters.

Imagine monsters and maidens running through the grounds.

Imagine a famous chef preparing an incredible renaissance feast for you.

Imagine Italy’s best renaissance dance company performing for you.

Imagine a famous opera tenor serenading you.

Imagine spectacular fireworks as a grand finale…

Helicopter & Wine

Contact us for incredible helicopter experiences including visiting famous wine estates and tasting rare wines, visiting Volcanoes, fishing trips and marriage proposals in stunning locations.   

Yacht Cruises

Looking for a day yacht experience or a beautiful week long stay in the stunning mediterranean?  

Sunset Hot Air Balloon

Contact us for special occasions. Imagine making your marriage proposal from a hot air balloon.   Imagine renewing your vows high over the Tuscan countryside. 

Soccer Experience

Meet famous players and sit in the best seats at big matches. We know how to get you access to VIP events. 


High end spectacular fishing experiences. We work with world renowned fishing guides to take you to amazing fishing locations in Italy. From quiet tranquil privately owned Tuscan lakes and rivers coastal sites by helicopter.  

Adopt a Vine in Tuscany

Our Adopt a Vine is an amazing team building or anniversary event. 

You get to meet and tour with one of Italy’s most important and ancient noble families-Princes no less. 

You have a plaque placed on a vine in your name in the best vinyard-your own little part of Tuscany. 

You continue your relationship with the noble estate receiving the vintage shipped to you each year as memento of your Adopt a Vine experience.

This is a unique legacy experience no other tour/event  company offers. 



Adopt an Olive Tree in Tuscany

Adopt an Olive tree is a unique Tuscany experience where you get to have your own plaque in your name on an olive tree in a beautiful Tuscan Villa estate. 

You can continue your relationship with your own little part of Tuscany by having the olive oil shipped to you after each harvest each year. This experience is unique and only available through our company.

It is perfect for family anniversaries, unique wedding favours and unforgettable events and get togethers.

This experience is also great for team building events and incentives. 


Gourmet Food & Wine Experiences

Enjoy an extraordinary gourmet event from Renaissance feasts in costume to the next Chef’s Table chef coming to your villa and sharing amazing local ingredients and secrets for awe inspiring dishes. Or a local cook sharing cherished family traditions and techniques for making fabulous pasta and pizza. Or a wonderful local gourmet expert great with all things food. What about a gelato making class your children and all the family will enjoy? Or a kitchen garden or market visit followed by a cooking class.

Or an easy enjoyable WSET first level class in a day setting you on the path to an internationally recognized Wine Masters. Not to mention cellar visits and truffle hunts as well as wild food and herb foraging. Or a visit to a local cheese maker and a tasting of delicious cheeses. Of course we can bring these delicious delights to you and you can do the tastings and classes at your own villa. We can design daily experiences for you to suit your needs and what you would like to celebrate.


With us, the possibilities are endless. Find out where your Italy dreams can take you:

Best of Italy!

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