Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Florence is famous for many things – it’s art, history and natural landscapes, for being the home of some of the world’s most famous architecture and of course, for its food and wine!

Whilst many food and wine products are exported to be enjoyed around the world, one thing which cannot be exported is the must-try Bistecca alla Fiorentina. Made from the white Chianina cow, one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world, steak has been eaten here since the Etruscans and Romans feasted on this prize dish.

We have asked one of our prized Artviva guides, Sara, where she suggests you go for the best steak in town. Her recommendations are Il Latini restaurant or Perseus restaurant.

Whilst attempts have been made to export the Chianina cow, the steak has never been as good as it is here where the breed has roamed for thousands of years. The cattle are kept in open fields around Tuscany.

It may sound simple to actually cook this steak to perfection, however there is a true art to it. Cut with one sharp chop, this T-bone loin steak is served in 800-1200g serves, usually at a height of around two fingers. The grill temperature is measured before the room-temperature steak is placed on it, the flames fanned to perfection to ensure that fire does not touch the meat. It is then cooked on one side, then the other, being turned only once. Before serving, it is let to rest for a moment to allow all the juices to settle.

Ordered as a main meal, it is usually served on a wooding chopping board to be shared amongst two or three people, salt and peppered, drizzled with extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil, and served with a wedge of lemon for those who wish to squeeze some fresh juice onto the steak.

Slicing the tender steak, you will see the steak is cooked to perfection on the outside, but almost rare in the middle. If you must order it ‘well done’, you’d be well advised to order something else as Florentines take their steak very seriously!

To accompany your steak, order a side of grilled vegetables or salad, opt for a strong red like a Brunello to cleanse the palate as you dine. Best enjoyed with some great company!

Il Latini
Via dei Palchetti, 6
50123 Firenze
Tel: +39 055 210916

Perseus Restaurant
Viale Don Giovanni Minzoni, 10-red
Firenze – 055 588226

Best of Italy!

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