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Milan & Lake Como Highlights

About Milan

Milan,situated in the upper north of Italy, is the economical hearth of Italy.

Holding its own as a global city. The Italian stock exchange (Borsa Italiana) is located here, as are the international fairs of Milan Fashion Week and Milan Furniture Fair. The 2015 Expo (Universal Exhibition) is also located in Milan.

The history of Milan goes back to when the Celtic Insubres created a settlement in the Milanese terrains. They lived there peacefully until the Romans came through and conquered the territory. Under the Roman rule the city grew in importance, eventually making Milan the Western Roman Empire capital. Besides Milan being part of the Lombard empire (Making the region surrounding it now known as Lombardy), France, Habsburg, Spain and Austria took hold over the area at some point throughout history, until Milan became part of the Kingdom of Italy.

In the Medieval times Milan was able to establish itself as a center for commerce and banking. This, despite Milan’s turbulent history, remains to this day.

With Milan being the forerunner in industrialization, the population rose sharply after the end of the wars as many sought employment in the numerous manufacturing companies in the surrounding areas. Today Milan is second only to Rome as the most populated city in Italy, with the city of Milan being home to around 1.3 million people, with over 5 million more living in the surrounding urban areas.

In terms of sightseeing in Milan, there is the incredibly stunning Milan Cathedral, Il Duomo di Milano, Italy’s largest cathedral that took over 6 centuries to complete. It would have taken even longer if Napoleon Bonaparte had not insisted on it being completed in the early 1800s to allow for his coronation as King of Italy to take place there. There were still some finishing touches added as late as 1965.

Furthermore Milan is known to be a Internationally diverse city, offering both great Italian food (Some of the best Risotto around!) and ethnic foods.

Last but not least there is also the famous fashion district of Milan to stroll through – Il Quadrilatero della Moda. Here you can find the largest number of designer brands within the smallest area in the world.


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