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Where & How to Propose in Tuscany – 5 Top Romantic Tips!

Looking for the perfect romantic proposal in Tuscany? Look no further!

When you’re thinking to ‘pop the question’, Italy the land of love…and food…and wine, is a GOOD choice!

Tuscany, with its beautiful capital Florence, boasts some of the most romantic views, best wines, and delicious foods to complement your perfect marriage proposal and get them to say Yes! Here are our 5 top tips for how to propose in Tuscany!

1. Find the Best Locations in Tuscany – But Avoid the Crowds! 

There’s nothing like the perfect spot to create the perfect moment to propose. Florence abounds with beautiful locations with very romantic settings. But many of the best spots are now host to endless numbers of couples, friends and photographers. Take for example the following:

  • The Ponte Vecchio

ponte vecchio bridge sunset

The Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge in Florence, being the only bridge not destroyed in World War II. Originally home to butchers and fishmongers, now the quaint and iconic yellow bridge houses only goldsmiths and jewelers, following a 1593 decree by Ferdinand I.

This makes the Ponte Vecchio a very suggestive spot for a nighttime stroll or to watch the sunset over the river. But it also makes it the perfect place for couples to pick out rings for their marriage and engagement which is how the Ponte Vecchio became synonymous with romance, love and the perfect spot for a proposal in Florence!

Watch out though, this location can become very crowded with tourists, or alternatively might be considered too cliche for a proposal!

  • Ponte Santa Trinità – the Ponte Vecchio backdrop

Ponte Vecchio from Santa Trinita

Since Ponte Vecchio is such an iconic and beautiful bridge, it makes sense to choose a spot where you can admire it in all its splendor – and that might mean not being on it, but on the next bridge! Ponte Santa Trinità is another very popular bridge in Florence and a bit less crowded than its older counterpart. It offers the best views of the pretty Ponte Vecchio, its floating houses and yellow arches and can make a great spot to propose in Florence.

On the other hand – this bridge is open to traffic and you might find passing cars, bikes or even a bin lorry ruining your romantic Florence proposal!


  • Piazzale Michelangelo

Panoramic sunset view of Florence, Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Vecchio and Florence Duomo, Italy

Piazzale Michelangelo has become the famous spot to watch the sunset in Florence, and this makes it also a great romantic spot to propose to your loved one in Florence! The big terrace offers great views of the city, the river and its bridges from above and lets you see the sun cast a rosy golden glow over the city rooftops and cathedral as it sets in the east.

Piazzale Michelangelo tends to be very crowded and hosts various kiosks and busking musicians so if you’re looking for a quieter spot you could head up towards the Church of San Miniato behind for a more intimate setting.

Nevertheless, this is one of the most popular and crowded spots in Florence and its steps have become host to crowds of people sitting and drinking beer – you might want to save your energy for somewhere more quiet!

  • On the top of the Duomo Cathedral

details of the Brunelleschi cupola, enjoy Florence walk

Well, if you’re feeling energetic, this could offer a truly exhilarating and unique magical proposal in Florence! Book your time slot and tickets in advance and climb your way up the 463 narrow steps around the cupola and out into the open with astonishing views! If you’re loved one doesn’t say yes after this….well maybe they’re afraid of heights!

Beware of the various safety measures, and however perfect your proposal, the climb up there upon very tiring small walkways through the roof will not be so charming.

  •  A Romantic Rooftop bar

rooftop bar florence

If you’re looking for the high up effect with beautiful views, but don’t feel like clambering up the workmen’s steps of a Renaissance cathedral cupola, – there are other options! Take a more relaxing approach with an ‘aperitivo’ and sparkling wine in one of Florence’s rooftop bars! Here at ArtViva we know some of the most exclusive rooftop bars for a truly special and romantic evening with your loved one, contact us if you wish to book a rooftop aperitivo in one of the most beautiful spots like this one in the picture

Alternatively, you can book our Evening Walk, a guided tour of the pretty and mysterious streets of the ‘Oltrarno’ neighborhood which ends with a cocktail on a lovely roof terrace.

  • The Tuscan Dream Landscape

Best Tuscany tour

To recommend the ultimate romantic location for a marriage proposal in Tuscany, what we really suggest is a special spot away from the crowds of Florence in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. With our Romantic Proposal in Tuscany we will take you to a stunning secret setting in the heart of the Chianti countryside. Rest assured, you’ll be surrounded by views of vineyards and olive groves, rolling hills, and picturesque hilltop towns.

2. Romance with Tuscany’s Gourmet Food

Tuscan food and wine

When you book our Romantic Proposal in Tuscany packages, we’ll provide you with a gourmet hamper of the best quality local food and delicacies.

Italy is famous for its world-class food, thanks to dedicated agricultural practices maintained and enhanced from tradition through the centuries. You can taste the freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the land where the olives grow, sun-dried tomatoes rich from the summer’s warmth, and organically raised local cheeses and meats.

While you’re in the region we have a large range of culinary, foodie activities for you to taste and experience the very best Tuscany has to offer! Why not try these:

3. Taste & Toast with World Famous Wine

wine tasting in tuscany tour

The perfect proposal includes a proper toast to your love – so long as they say yes! (And well you might want to drink if they say no too!)

Chianti, a region in Tuscany, is home to some of the world’s best wine. Italy is also known for its sparkling wines, from Prosecco to Moscato – to rival Champagne. We’ll give you a bottle of your request (sparkling, red, white, Rosé) of the region’s finest wine inside your Proposal Package hamper complete with fluted glasses for you to woo your loved one through the romance of wine.

For more wine experiences in Florence and Tuscany why not try out these:

4. Take the Stress out with a Private Driver

private car proposal in Tuscany

It can be nerve-wracking enough preparing to ask the love of your life to marry you – you certainly don’t want to stressing over a car, directions and parking too! We’ll organize for you a discrete and knowledgeable chauffeur to take you to the most beautiful spots in Tuscany for you to soak up the views, enjoy your celebratory hamper and wine, and when you’re ready – pop the question!

While the city of Florence is full of great locations for a romantic proposal, we believe the best spots are just outside the city in the Tuscan landscape away from the tourist hotspots! These are not easy to get to without a car or transfer, so let us do the hard part for you!


5. Spend the Night in one of the most Romantic Cities – Florence!

romantic night in Florence

Spending the day soaking up the glorious Tuscan countryside, visiting wineries and tasting world-class food, would be well finished with sunset aperitivo on a roof top terrace with a romantic night in the beautiful hotel below it. Enjoy stunning views of Florence, in the heart of the city centre but quiet, up within the old stone walls. If you choose our proposal package with a romantic night in Florence, we’ll arrange for you a luxurious room to complete the romantic day of your lives!

Good Luck! Book your perfect proposal here!

Romantic proposal in Tuscany

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