When should I visit Florence?

Florence has a fairly mild climate and is beautiful for different reasons throughout the year.  While some prefer to visit in the Spring when the city is just warming up and restaurants are beginning to move their tables outdoors for evening dining, others may prefer the long days of fall when the olives and grapes are in harvest.  There is never a bad time to visit Florence but certain points should be kept in mind:

  • June and July are typically very hot in Florence and not all hotels are equipped with air-conditioning or elevators.  These are also the busiest times in the city; you will see it bustling with tourists and locals alike.
  • August is traditionally a month in which Italians take their summer holidays, especially the weeks surrounding August 15-17.  You will find some stores and restaurants that close for one, two or even four weeks during the month of August.
  • November is a beautiful time to visit the city, but be sure to pack an umbrella.  Florence can receive a good amount of rain in the late fall.

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