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Glorious Venice in a Day (or Two or Three)

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An in-depth Venice experience like no other.

Tour 1 - A Gondola Adventure:

With our exclusive trajectory through the most charming canals, explore the intriguing waterways that weave through the centre, guided by a master of the archetypal gondola guild.

To unlock the secrets of mysterious Venice you have to experience it as Venetians have for over a millennia. No-one knows the city like the Gondoliers that have plied the waters of this marvelous archipelago for centuries. Our weavers of magic will enthrall you with tales of ancient rites, secret symbols, high drama and colorful characters - all amid stunning surroundings.

What's more, your private gondola tour guide will reveal the secrets of the fascinating and ancient gondola craft as you glide along iridescent canals, experiencing achingly beautiful classic Venetian water scenes. Chase the merry tinkling of Venetian accents disappearing around corners before even catching a glimpse, be enveloped by history while learning the traditional greeting of the gondoliers. Sweeten to their merry sing-song cadences of the gondoliers as the water faintly laps on moss-covered facades whose colours seep century by century, drip by drip into the mysterious lagoons.

Explore the labyrinth maze of tiny hidden picturesque canals, tantalizingly mysterious byways, charming squares and magnificent palaces while seeing Venice's own ‘Leaning Tower', the ‘street of the assassins', galleries, and the trendiest celebrity hang out.

Tour 2 - Exclusive Highlights of Venice:

Enjoy a marvelous introduction to St Mark’s and the magnificence of Venice, exploring St Mark's square with a wonderful guide. Once the epicenter of the wealthiest and most powerful city in Europe, Venice was once the crossroads to the medieval world's most fascinating places, a glorious homage to human ingenuity and faith in the merchant's skill - a game of chance. Nothing compares with seeing St Mark's basilica bathed in a golden sunlight, embracing a millennia of glorious history as the sun glints off its domed sentinels and gleaming façades. Juxtapose this with the poignant reminder that this is a city slowly disappearing beneath the luminous waters of the Adriatic Sea, a sea that once ferried unimagined riches and made "La Serenissima" the world's most mesmerizing and mysterious city. Experience with our talented guides what "La Serenissima" means, and has meant, to Venetians over the centuries. See the hauntingly beautiful and aptly named Bridge of Sighs, where the sighs and cries of the condemned echo over the centuries, chasing reflections through the colour-dappled surfaces of myriad canals.

Then, the power and the glory meets terror as you walk on to the setting of one of the world's great mercantile ‘dynasties'. Experience the pomp and pageantry of the magnificent Doges whose wizened exteriors masked a combined steel will to control international market forces. The Doge’s Palace embodies one of the grandest propaganda campaigns ever seen in history. Its superb Gothic façades also masked a sinister style of government developed to carefully drive the commercial interests so important to Venice's history. Learn about the Doges’ bizarrely cloistered lifestyles that were strictly interwoven into the very fabric of Venice and followed fascinating archaic rituals. Hear how the Doges orchestrated one of the greatest tragedies in the history of western culture and then profited from it. Follow in the footsteps of the condemned whilst walking though history, seeing their poignant tracings engraved into the palace prison walls in a private tour you’ll never forget!

Tour 3 - The Original Grand Canal Experience:

Don't just see the Grand Canal, experience for yourself the heart-stopping views, film locations, grand palaces, intrigue, scandal, lifestyles of the rich and famous. Add to this a spicy sprinkling of gossip from those in the know, as you ride along the Grand Canal in a luxurious motor launch.

Our charming bronzed water taxi skippers have ferried some of the world's most famous celebrities as well as being the stunt drivers for blockbuster films such as the 007 epic ‘Casino Royale'. We will pass famous palaces and sights used in films. Our skippers have their fingers on the pulse of Venice, knowing every mossy, misty canal, crumbling palace and skeleton in the cupboard! Whilst gliding along the Grand Canal, an extraordinarily beautiful and unique highway, we will marvel at the stately procession of sumptuous water palaces gazing proudly upon centuries of comings and goings. Our entertaining companions will bear us along this splendid processional route while we see the palaces of the rich and famous. Hear about celebrities' favorite local places to hang out as well as discovering just why Venice is the sublime capital of masked carnivals, reveries, intrigue, and romance!

PLUS - Islands of Glass: Masters of Murano:

This boat ride is provided free of charge when booking the 'My Exclusive Venice in One Glorious Day' discounted package.

See Murano's greatest artisans creating masterworks. Leave the mainland behind as you head to the fascinating island of glass. See the ancient craft of glassmaking that has been protected for centuries in an illustrious glass artisan workshop. The pride of the artisans is palpable as you explore the galleries displaying the very best Murano has to offer, from finely crafted sumptuous palace chandeliers and museum-worthy classic Venetian mirrors, to stunning modern masterworks in glass. Visit the glass museum close by or take a stroll around this pretty island, perhaps having lunch at one of the many quaint restaurants, then return to see a vast array of artifacts available in glass at your host glass factory. This is a great shopping trip for experiencing the creative mercantile spirit that still drives Venice today and of course is great for memorable gift purchases. There is something for every taste and budget. Ask about special discounts for our clients. You are under no obligation to purchase - that is, if you can resist the temptation!  Please note that central Venice hotel pick-up is included in the price of this Murano transfer. This free transfer is optional and is not a guided tour.

Length: around 4 hours of guided tour, consisting of 1 hour tour of St Mark's, 1 hour Doge's Palace tour, 1 hour Grand Canal Cruise, 1 hour Gondola Tour plus around 2-3 hour optional Murano visit.

Includes: tour with your personal guide, private water taxi cruise down the Grand Canal, private gondola with expert guide, pre-reserved Doge's Palace tickets, guided St Mark's tour, and optional water taxi transfer to Murano.

Excludes: Optional gratuities. 

Weather: runs rain or shine.

Notes: Please dress appropriately, shoulders covered for women, for when entering churches.

Sites Visited

Tour 1 - A Gondola Adventure: The most charming canals in Venice

Tour 2 - Exclusive Highlights of Venice: St Mark's square and the Cathedral, The Doge’s Palace nd the Bridge of Sighs.

Tour 3 - The Original Grand Canal Experience: the Grand Canal in a luxurious motor launch.

PLUS: the Island of  Murano


Tour with your personal guide, private water taxi cruise down the Grand Canal, private gondola with expert guide, pre-reserved Doge's Palace tickets, guided St Mark's tour, and optional water taxi transfer to Murano.

Not included: Optional gratuities
Start Location: Venice
End Location: Venice
Dress Code: Please dress appropriately, shoulders covered for women, for when entering churches.
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