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The Hallowed Monuments of the Sacred City

A private exploration of Rome's lesser-known holy sites plus a visit to the Catacombs

from € 129.83

Highlights of the private Hallowed Monuments of the Sacred City tour include: 

  • Visit St. Mary Major, dedicated to the Holy Mother
  • See ancient mosaics
  • Enter the first Papal Residence, St. John in Lateran, which boasts an art collection spanning from the Renaissance to Baroque periods
  • Find out about the Scala Sancta (the Holy Stairs)
  • Head down the Appian Way to visit the catacombs, underground burial places of the ancient Christians and Jews
  • Conclude with a very special panoramic view of the Baths of Caracalla

Finer details of the private Hallowed Monuments of the Sacred City: 

Length: 4 hours

Includes: guided in English with your personal guide/driver, all entry fees

Start Location: Rome
End Location: Rome
  • Per group of 1 to 2 people 649.00 € from 324.50 €
    per person
  • Per group of 3 to 4 people 715.00 € from 178.75 €
    per person
  • From 5 to 6 persons 779.00 € from 129.83 €
    per person
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