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Highlights of the Eternal City: A Private Drive

An exclusive and relaxing way to explore Rome.

from 80.00

Highlights of the Highlights of the Eternal City: A Private Drive include:

  • Motor along Via Veneto, shown in Federico Fellini's groundbreaking and (at the time) scandalous film, La Dolce Vita
  • Visit the Pantheon, one of the oldest and most unique monuments in the city
  • See Bernini's breathtaking masterpiece, the Fountain of the Four Rivers
  • Pass the monumental Castel Sant' Angelo
  • Stop at the magnificent St. Peter's Square
  • Travel between sites in the luxury of a private vehicle, stopping to walk the short distances to the locations visted
  • Toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain
  • Take in the splendid sites of Piazza Navona and more!

The finer details of Highlights of the Eternal City: A Private Drive:

Length: 3 hours

Important information

Length: 3 hours

Includes: private guide/driver/vehicle

Excludes: optional gratuities

Please note: knees, shoulders and backs should be covered in observance of St. Peter's dress code if you wish to enter with the guide during this tour

  • Per group of 1 to 2 people 499.00 € from 249.50 €
    per person
  • Per group up 3 to 6 people 539.00 € from 89.83 €
    per person
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