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A Private Tour with the Da Vinci Code Art Sleuth

An experience like no other.

from € 50.00

Your internationally-renowned art detective and guide also happens to be the only real person mentioned in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. He holds the world’s largest private database on artistic masterpieces and challenged the art establishment when he discovered and proved that an acclaimed Leonardo work was not what it seemed to be.

Highlights of the Private Tour with the Da Vinci Code Art Sleuth:

  • Enjoy one of the most exclusive tours of Florence's Uffizi Gallery
  • Spend two hours with the world's leading art sleuth - no one on earth has examined more masterpieces!
  • Learn about the discovery of another missing Da Vinci masterpiece, one  lying hidden for centuries under the surface of a later painting
  • Find out how to spot a forgery
  • Get hints on building your own private collection

The finer details:

Length: 2 hours

Price: 990 euro for 1-5 persons, with each additional person an extra 50 euro

Includes: entry fees to the Palazzo Vecchio and pre-reserved tickets to the Uffizi Gallery  

Start Location: Florence
End Location: Florence
Important information

Length: 2 hours

Price: 990 euro for 1-5 persons, with each additional person an extra 50 euro


Includes: entry fees to the Palazzo Vecchio and pre-reserved tickets to the Uffizi Gallery 

Bag storage: Museum regulations do not permit backpacks and there is no convenient storage facility. Please bring only shoulder bags. The Uffizi museum further requests, "to get you through security faster, we'd be grateful if you could bring as few bags with you as possible, and try to put all the metal items you're carrying in a single container before going through the metal detector. Thank you." 

Museum regulations: "It is strictly forbidden to touch the artworks; to lean on the bases of sculptures or on the walls; to smoke; to throw chewing gum on the floor; to eat or drink; to sit on the floor or on the protective railings; to speak in a loud voice; to disturb other visitors; to use laser pointers; to behave in an unseemly manner detrimental to the dignity of the museum; to bring backpacks or long umbrellas; to use mobile (cell) phones; and, to use selfie-sticks.  Photography and filming are allowed only without the use of flash, lighting or tripods, and only for personal rather than commercial use."

Read more about this ultra-exclusive experience

See a video special on CBS 60 Minutes about Maurizio Seracini's search for the lost Leonardo Da Vinci

  • From one to five people 990.00 € from 198.00 €
    per person
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