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Rome Underground: Secrets of the Imperial City

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See Rome like never before and discover the hidden stories that lie beneath Italy's metropolitan capital. Descend into the belly of the ancient city to see the remains of the ancient world  and learn about the old ways of life, the secrets, and the art and artifacts that remain. Uncover the three underground levels of the Basilica of San Celemente, a 12th century church home to amazing mosaics and frescoes that date back to the 4th century. The deepest level beneath the city reveals homes as old as the 1st century BC that would have been on the street level.  The tour continues to the Roman houses under the Basilica dei Santissimi Giovanni and Paolo. Just a stone’s throw from the Colosseum you’ll discover a mesmerising piazza, off the beaten tourist path, and admire the stunning frescoes of the church. Get lost in the magic of wandering the roads, and exploring the old world of The Eternal City on our mysterious walking tour.

Start Location: Rome
End Location: Rome
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Due to new security measures at the Duomo, all visitors must go through a metal detector for security check. Being a new system, there is only one entry and limited security personnel, as such the lines can be quite long. In case of very long

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In Italy, tipping is not as common in restaurants as it is in North America.  You will sometimes see on your bill that a “coperto” or service fee is already included...

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