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Tuscany by Bike: A Full Day Tour

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Take a ride through the Tuscan countryside with our full-day bike tour. A private shuttle will take you from Florence to a quaint hilltop town where you will grab a bike and gear up to start your adventure. You’ll ride along olive groves, medieval castles, sprawling vineyards, hillside villa estates, beautiful panoramas of Florence and postcard worthy views of the green rolling hills. Stop along the way at a private villa estate for a guided walking tour of the vineyards, the ancient wine cellars and the old “orciaia” where olive oil was made beneath the medieval tower. The group stops to enjoy an authentic Italian lunch along the way accompanied by a local wine tasting. The tour ends with a ride back to drop off the bikes at the depository, then hop on the shuttle to head back to our Florence meeting point.

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Due to new security measures at the Duomo, all visitors must go through a metal detector for security check. Being a new system, there is only one entry and limited security personnel, as such the lines can be quite long. In case of very long

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What is appropriate for tipping in Italy?

In Italy, tipping is not as common in restaurants as it is in North America.  You will sometimes see on your bill that a “coperto” or service fee is already included...

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