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Learn Italian on this fun Streets & Speaks tour- A Touring Italian Class

A relaxed, informative and fun Italian language lesson!

from € 37.50

Highlights of the private My Exclusive Streets & Speaks - a Touring Italian Class:

  • Great for absolute beginners to more experienced language enthusiasts, learn essential phrases for everyday living in Italy
  • Explore little-known areas of Florence
  • Visit Florentine artisan workshops
  • Meet local grocers and learn how to shop like a local
  • Be shown how to order and pay in bars, restaurants and shops for a true Italian experience
  • Learn out about the culture and history that forms such a huge part of the language
  • Plus, learn the art of using hand gestures Italians are so famous for!

Finer details:

Length: 2.5 hours

Meets: in our office or other central Florence location upon request


Italian lesson while walking the streets of Florence with a certified Teacher of Italian as a Second Language; worksheets to keep

Not included: Optional gratuities
Start Location: Florence
End Location: Florence
  • From One to Six Persons 247.00 € from 41.17 €
    per person
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What is appropriate for tipping in Italy?

In Italy, tipping is not as common in restaurants as it is in North America.  You will sometimes see on your bill that a “coperto” or service fee is already included...

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How long are lines for the duomo in Florence?

Due to new security measures at the Duomo, all visitors must go through a metal detector for security check. Being a new system, there is only one entry and limited security personnel, as such the lines can be quite long. In case of very long

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