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Milan Fashion & Style Workshop

A unique experience with an Italian Vogue fashion editor.

from 140.00

Highlights of the Milan Fashion & Style Workshop include:

  • The unique opportunity to discuss the industry with insiders
  • Spend a morning or afternoon analysing current trends, and forecasting future ones, with a fashion editor from Vogue Italia 
  • Experience Milan, one of the world's fashion capitals, in the most unique of ways
  • Explore the city that is home to many leading designers - including Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Franco Moschino, Donatella Versace and Nicola Trussardi
  • Find out what has made the city not only the leading sartorial hub in Italy, but also a must-see for enthusiasts and not alike
  • Enjoy a unique and unmissable opportunity for anyone seeking deeper insight on how the world of fashion works

The finer details:

Availability: This tour is available upon request at either 9.30am or 2.30pm

Duration: 3 hours

Group size: 1-8 persons. Please contact us for larger groups.

Start Location: Milan
End Location: Milan
  • 1-2 persons 699.00 € from 349.50 €
    per person
  • 3 persons 979.00 € from 326.33 €
    per person
  • 4-8 persons 1,237.00 € from 154.63 €
    per person
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