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Pre-reserved Accademia Museum Entry - Tickets Only

Fast-track entry to see Michelangelo's David

from € 30.00

Cost: 30 euro per adult

For persons 17 years and under: Anyone aged 6-17 years has free entry to the Accademia, but will still need to reserve entry to skip the long lines. Photographic ID must be shown to avail of the reduced-rate entry. Please contact us if you have minors in your group. For children 0-5 years, entry is free and no reservation fees are charged. Please just make a note in the NOTES section if you have a child with you aged 0-5.

Includes: Accademia museum ticket costs, museum reservation fees, fastest museum entry possible

Excludes: guided tour


Accademia museum ticket costs, museum reservation fees, fastest museum entry possible

Not included: Optional gratuities
Start Location: Florence
End Location: Florence
Important information

Please note: You still have to go through the security check for entry to the Accademia. On some occasions there can be some security delays in entering. You may be asked to leave backpacks and large bags at the front desk of the museum.

Unavailable dates: The Accademia is closed on Mondays and 1st May. On the first Sunday of each month, it is free to enter the museums and not possible to pre-reserve entry thus we cannot avail of tickets on these days.

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