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Jewish Florence

Learn about Jewish history in Florence with expert private guide. 

from € 46.70

Highlights of the private Jewish Florence Tour include:

  • See Florence in a whole new light
  • Visit the grandiose Piazza Repubblica to find out about its ancient Jewish ghetto and hear about when and why it was abolished
  • Go to the Ponte Vecchio to learn about the location of a Jewish settlement wiped out in the 1944 bombings
  • See the Baptistery doors in Piazza Duomo, which tell Old Testament stories
  • Discover the Medici family connections with the local Jewish population
  • Hear about how Dominican Friar Savonarola expelled the Medici family from their ruling position and declared Florence the New Jerusalem
  • Learn how Savonarola interacted with the local Jewish people throughout this tumultuous period of Florentine history
  • Enter the Great Synagogue, including the Jewish museum. Find out about the burial of Jews here.
  • And last but not least, discover where to enjoy Kosher food

The finer details:

Dress code: men and women must be dressed appropriately for entry into the Great Synagogue

Includes: entry to the Great Synagogue


 entry to the Great Synagogue

Not included: Optional gratuities
Start Location: Florence
End Location: Florence
Dress Code: men and women must be dressed appropriately for entry into the Great Synagogue
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    per person
  • 3-4 Persons 385.00 € from 96.25 €
    per person
  • 5-6 Persons 412.00 € from 68.67 €
    per person
  • 7-8 Persons 439.00 € from 54.88 €
    per person
  • 9-10 Persons 467.00 € from 46.70 €
    per person
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