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Perfect Pizza & Gelato Making Class

Two of Italy's most famous dishes in one hands-on cookery lesson

from € 65.00

Highlights of the Perfect Pizza & Gourmet Gelato cooking class:

  • Roll up your sleeves and learn how to roll out the perfect dough
  • Discern how to measure out the ingredients for the perfect pizza base
  • Learn how to knead like a pro!
  • Discover the secrets for making the best toppings
  • You’ll also find out how to make quality gelato and sorbet
  • To conclude, enjoy a delicious meal of pizza, gelato and sorbet made throughout the class

Start Location: Florence
End Location: Florence
Important information

The meeting point will be provided on a voucher that you need to present to the kitchen. Please check your email or come to our office in Florence at Via de' Sassetti n.1 (2nd floor) to collect the voucher. 

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