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Murder & Mystery: The Dark Side of Florence

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Dive into the dark, medieval past of Florence on our semi-private evening walking tour. Explore the charming yet little-known Oltrarno district. We’ll take you through centuries of mystery, ancient cobblestone streets and darkened alleyways; famous Renaissance palaces bristling with stories of crime and punishment; and breaktaking riverside views of the picturesque Ponte Vecchio, coupled with tales of the bitter and bloody centuries-long that divided Florence.

Begin in Piazza Davanzati, in front of our very own office. Learn about the ‘Black Art of Poisoning’ that was cultivated in Renaissance Florence, and nefarious branch of chemistry endorsed by Cosimo I and the Medici. We’ll take you on a whirlwind of history, from the reigning Medici family’s adeptness at intrigue and murder, to centuries of assassination, court intrigue, and murder, while showing you some of Florence’s most stunning vistas. Interspersed among stories of palace rumors, court lovers and Romeo and Juliet style trysts (and the tragedy that followed them), we’ll take you to the artisan districts and workshops that remain virtually unchanged since the Renaissance, to Florence’s favorite medieval flagellation spot, and back in time to the eleventh and twelfth centuries and life in the Middle Ages--and the influential names and faces that changed history, including Dante Alighieri and his exile by the Pope, Michelangelo and his dark past, and the cunning mastermind that was Machiavelli. Tour ends with an elegant cocktail on a rooftop terrace overlooking one of Oltrarno’s most famous Piazzas.

Sites Visited
  • Palazzo Corsini
  • Borgo San Jacopo
  • Palagio di Parte Guelfa
  • Santo Spirito
  • Palazzo Davanzati
  • Lungarno
  • Piazza Santa Trìnita
  • Semi-private small group
  • A guided evening walk of Florence’s "oltrarno" area
  • Delicious cocktail on a stunning rooftop terrace
Start Location: Florence
End Location: Florence
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