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Uffizi Gallery Museum Entry Reservations - Tickets Only

Pre-reserved entry to visit the Uffizi Gallery

from € 36.00

Meets: in our office in Florence to collect your tickets to enter the Uffizi Gallery.

Includes: Pre-reserved Uffizi Gallery museum entry

Does not include: Guided tour

Start Location: Florence
End Location: Florence
Important information

Please note: This is not our guided Masterpieces of Uffizi Gallery Tour, it is for pre-reserved museum tickets only. You still must go through the security check to enter the museum even with pre-reserved tickets, which can cause delays in the busier months.

Unavailable dates: The Accademia is closed on Mondays and 1st May. On the first Sunday of each month, it is free to enter the museums and not possible to pre-reserve entry thus we cannot avail of tickets on these days.

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