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Great Art Mysteries and the Uffizi Gallery Combined

Be a part of the last great art mystery.

from 189.00

Highlights of the private Great Art Mysteries and the Uffizi Gallery Tour Combined include:

  • Be part of an exciting investigation into the whereabouts of the greatest masterpiece, lost for over five centuries in a stunning medieval palace in Florence
  • Receive the latest insider information, with our company working exclusively with the expert assigned the task of heading the search
  • Explore a fascinating space, one of the most beautiful and historic palaces in Florence
  • Visit the medieval Palazzo Vecchio replete with secret passages, mysterious legends, stunning frescoes and what's more we will do some Renaissance style UFO spotting
  • Then, enjoy our Uffizi tour, which features in a BBC WORLD documentary with Michael Palin
  • Enjoy easy access to the Gallery and the most famous artworks with the best guides in Florence
  • Discover - and actually understand - the masterpieces in one of the world's greatest museums
  • Hear great stories about the masters who changed art forever - such as how Michelangelo was able to out-smart a famous skinflint

Finer details:

Length: 3 hours

Includes: pre-reserved entrance to the Uffizi Gallery, tickets to Palazzo Vecchio, your own private guide                                                                                                                                                            *Cross over from the Palazzo Vecchio through the first part of the Vasari Corridor included if and when available.

Start Location: Florence
End Location: Florence
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  • From Seven to Eight persons 1,699.00 € from 242.71 €
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  • From Nine to Ten persons 1,899.00 € from 189.90 €
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