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Recently The Florentine interviewed art diagnostician Dr Maurizio Seracini. Artviva has enjoyed a long relationship with the pioneering unraveller of art history’s biggest mysteries. Here we look at the stories and facts behind his research. Unfolding Mysteries of a Hidden Leonardo Da Vinci Masterpiece Buried behind a brick wall in
the house and garden of villa le corti
Are there Princesses in Italy? It might not rival the celebrity of the British Royal Family but Italy has its fair share of royalty. A recent video by CBS news interviewed Princess ‘Principessa‘ Corsini in their country estate in Tuscany Villa Le Corte. With Artviva you can visit for yourself and even claim your own
Italian ball games, feet and balls on a lawn
The Colosseum – resembles a modern day football stadium ‘Calcio’ – a true love story Their mother and their football team. The only two guaranteed loves of an Italian man’s life! In all seriousness, it’s not just family an Italian is born with, to stick with, through thick and thin.
easter eggs and decorations
Easter in Italy is a big deal. The religious celebration comprises a week of festivities known as holy week (Settimana Santo) including Good Friday (Venerdì Santo) and Easter Monday (Pasquetta – ‘little Easter’). While the churches and towns are busy with parades, services and other eccentric traditions (see the Scoppio
gelato cones decorated with fresh fruit and mint
Here’s your go-to guide on Italy’s best desserts. Italian desserts can be a mind-boggling adventure of unusual ingredients and hard-to-say words. But at their best, they’re simple, home-made sweets with just a few fresh ingredients. So, read on for what to try on your trip to Italy, what they mean,