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Without a doubt Florence’s most impressive museum, the Uffizi (the word actually means offices) was built by the architect Vasari at the behest of Cosimo I de’ Medici in the 16th century to house the city’s administrative offices.

This museum is now home to the largest collection of Italian and Florentine art in the world. It has been said that, though far from the largest museum in the world, the Uffizi does have more art per square inch than any other museum.

Highlights: Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus (a detail in the picture) and Primavera Leonardo da Vinci’s Adoration of the Magi Michelangelo’s Tondo Doni Masolini and Masaccio’s Holy Family with Saint Anne, Mary and Jesus Raphael’s Pope Leo X and Madonna Titian’s Venus of Urbino and Eleanora de Gonzaga delle Rovere Giotto’s Madonna with Baby Jesus, Saints and Angels Lippi’s Coronation of the Virgin

Piazza degli Uffizi, 6 - Florence

Opening Hours: Tuesday- Sunday, 8:15 am- 6:30pm; Closed Monda. Also closed January 1, May 1 andDecember 25

Costs: Entrance fee to be paid in cash when picking up the reserved tickets 10 Euro plus 4 Euro reservation fee per ticket.

Masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery Tour - Skip the Line

The Original & Best Uffizi Gallery Tour with the best guides in Florence!

Art & Galleries - Museum Tickets & Reservations - Families & Kids - Eco-Friendly Tours - € 59.00

Ours is the only guided visit that covers both levels of the iconic Uffizi Gallery, giving you the best view of art’s greatest masterpieces. As featured in a BBC World documentary with Michael Palin, it offers easy access to the world-famous art museum.

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Exclusive Florence in One Glorious Day (or Two!) A Private Tour

The must-sees of Florence, the best museums plus our great guides.

Art & Galleries - Private & Exclusive Tours - Families & Kids - Eco-Friendly Tours - Special Discounted Packages - Cities & History - Architecture & Monuments - from € 109.00

Experience the beauty and culture of Florence with your own personal guide on these private exclusive tours when you book a place on this discounted bundle that explores the city’s intimate ancient stories. Join our local experts for six hours of the best sites and scenes, including the historical centre and the two world-renowned museums - the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery Museum.

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Great Art Mysteries and the Uffizi Gallery Combined

Be a part of the last great art mystery.

Art & Galleries - Private & Exclusive Tours - Museum Tickets & Reservations - from € 189.00

Be part of history in the making and get involved with the hunt to find a lost Leonardo Da Vinci masterpiece while also enjoying our internationally renowned exploration of the Uffizi Gallery.

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Masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery - A Private Tour

A private, expert-led visit to one of the world's most illustrious museums.

Art & Galleries - Private & Exclusive Tours - Museum Tickets & Reservations - Families & Kids - from € 55.00

Our expert Uffizi Gallery guides weave stories about the artists who changed the face of art forever. Join them to discover the masterpieces of this world-famous museum.

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Uffizi Gallery Museum Entry Reservations - Tickets Only

Pre-reserved entry to visit the Uffizi Gallery

Museum Tickets & Reservations - € 36.00

Let us take care of your Uffizi Gallery tickets and reservations so you can skip the longest entry lines.
Easy booking for this top museum in Florence.

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Artemisia Gentileschi Artist Tour Florence

Discover the work of this revolutionary Baroque artist-Artemisia Gentileschi.

Art & Galleries - Private & Exclusive Tours - Museum Tickets & Reservations - Eco-Friendly Tours - from € 108.17

Enjoy an introduction to one of the greatest Baroque artists and pioneers of her time. Artemisia Gentileschi broke many boundaries during the Renaissance: foremost among these was her admission to the Accademia di Arte del Disegno – a first for a woman!

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Learn to Paint or Sculpt Like A Master

Painting or sculpture in clay lesson in a private studio in Florence

Art & Galleries - Private & Exclusive Tours - Exclusive Experiences - Families & Kids - Eco-Friendly Tours - Hands-On Activities & Classes - Artisans & Crafts - from € 95.00

In the birthplace of the Renaissance and one of the greatest art hubs of all time, be welcomed into the private studio of a local artist for a lesson on oil painting or sculpting in clay.
Individual instruction ensures this workshop suitable for all ages and skill levels - from complete novices to more experienced artists wanting to gain insight into Florence’s art scene and to meet local artists.

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