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He is considered as the greatest commander of all time. He also knew how to turn a phrase in his Latin language, providing him with the ability not only to rouse the troops into battle and to inspire fellow politicians, but also to write great prose that has given us much insight into his life.

In combat, Caesar won a great number of battles, expanding the Roman Republic through his various invasions and victories.

However, after the conclusion of the Gallic Wars, he clashed with the Roman Senate when they ordered him to return to Rome. Instead, he defied them and, together with his faithful troops, began a civil war between 49–45 BC that he eventually won.

This left Caesar with a great amount of power and force, which he used to take control of the government.

Caesar’s actions bought about the end of the rule of the Roman Republic in favour of the Roman Empire.

Although he was eventually assassinated just one year later in 44BC by a group of senators not so happy with his reforms, in the short time of his rule Caesar bought about a great range of changes.

Caesar enacted reforms into the government, providing better representation for the people. He helped reduce debt. He also introduced the Julian calendar (named in his honour). Although it was eventually overtaken by the ever-so-slightly different Gregorian calendar, the Julian calendar was still in use in some countries as late as the 1930s, and is still utilised in Mount Athos of Greece and by the Berbers of North Africa today.

The Original Rome Walk

The must-see highlights of Rome

Art & Galleries - Museum Tickets & Reservations - Families & Kids - Eco-Friendly Tours - € 55.00

There’s no better way to experience the layers of the city’s rich history than on a 3-hour guided excursion including visits to major sights like the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and the Pantheon.

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Highlights of the Eternal City: A Six-Hour Adventure

A private discovery of the majesty and mystery of Rome.

Art & Galleries - Private & Exclusive Tours - Families & Kids - from € 67.00

Watch as the capital’s most important sites come to life! Explore this bustling metropolis with a captivating guide who will lead you on a romp through the history of the city’s illustrious architecture, politics and culture.

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Highlights of the Eternal City Excursion

Discover the majesty, beauty, and fascination of Rome.

Art & Galleries - Private & Exclusive Tours - Families & Kids - Eco-Friendly Tours - from € 71.00

Enjoy 4 hours of sightseeing with own your expert guide! This experience is your passport to Rome as it was 2,000 years ago, with a glimpse into the lives of the ancient Romans and the forces that shaped them.

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Emperors & Gladiators - The Roman Forum & Colosseum

An exquisite guided tour of ancient Rome's most important sites with a very small group!

Art & Galleries - Museum Tickets & Reservations - Families & Kids - Eco-Friendly Tours - € 60.00

Get a unique perspective on the founding of not just a city but an empire when you join us to walk in the footsteps of legendary gladiators and emperors.

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