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By 1439, he’s recorded in Florence, hanging out with Domenico Veneziano, and collaborating with him on a major fresco cycle (now lost) at Santa Maria Nuova, the church/hospital founded by Folco Portinari in 1288.

Following the money (and the power), Piero goes to Rimini and is in the employ of petty despot Sigismondo Malatesta, where he frescoes his patron in supplication to his patron saint Sigismondo (though the fresco is quite damaged, the two greyhounds in the bottom right maintain their 1450s glow).

A trip to Rome follows, and shortly thereafter Piero is in yet another court, this time in Urbino, in the employ of Federico, the Duke of Montefeltro. Piero’s double portrait of Federico and his wife Battista Sforza, in the Uffizi, are among his most important works.

The artist died on October 12, 1492, clueless that Christopher Columbus was in the act of discovering the New World.

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