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Lorenzo de’Medici, a.k.a., The Magnificent is probably the most famous Medici. This notoriety is as much the result of the times in which he lived—particularly when viewed from the difficult times that followed—as of his considerable personal virtues (bravery, for one) and talents (in poetry, say) or his own patronage (relatively limited for a Medici).

He was fortunate to survive the 1478 Pazzi conspiracy in which his brother lost his life. He then showed remarkable initiative and courage in sailing to Naples to settle differences with its King, Ferrrante, and restore peace. In stark contrast with what would come after, Florence and Italy were at peace for most of his lifetime and ruled by Italians, Florence also witnessed its greatest phase of artistic accomplishment when mostly homegrown talent worked in Florence for Florentine patrons.

While his personal tastes ran much more to collecting antiquities, Lorenzo promoted artists and found them commissions and supported men of letters. By acquiring a cardinal’s hat for his second-born son Giovanni when he was only thirteen, Lorenzo did much to ensure that his family’s fortunes and that of his own name would continue to flourish well after his own death.

His reputation would later be burnished by Duke Cosimo who brought back together most of what Lorenzo had collected during his lifetime.

Original Florence Walk - Winter Special

A private wintertime exploration of Florence's ancient center.

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Explore the Florentine winter magic with this limited time, privately guided tour.

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Secrets & Scandals: Florence Unveiled

Sex, drugs, and Renaissance—Florence as you’ve never seen her before. Adults-only.

Eco-Friendly Tours - Cities & History - € 75.00

From the shocking lifestyles of the rich and famous to the seedy underbelly of the city’s past, this unique, never-been-done before Florence tours will unravel the secrets that rocked the Renaissance. 

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Visit to the Medici Chapels

Art & Galleries - Private & Exclusive Tours - Museum Tickets & Reservations - Families & Kids - from € 38.50

Get an exclusive look into the sumptuous and decadent world of the Medici Chapels with the aid of a personal guide. Set within the glorious San Lorenzo, the Medici Chapels are magnificent installations paying homage to the talent and ingenuity of the architecture and sculpture of the 15th and 16th centuries.

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Uffizi Gallery Museum Entry Reservations - Tickets Only

Pre-reserved entry to visit the Uffizi Gallery

Museum Tickets & Reservations - € 36.00

Let us take care of your Uffizi Gallery tickets and reservations so you can skip the longest entry lines.
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Michelangelo’s Medici Tour

An exclusive Florentine experience with internationally-acclaimed author and historian, Count Niccolò Capponi.

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Let our expert guides offer you a unique perspective on the world’s greatest artist. We unravel the complex web woven between Michelangelo and his powerful yet demanding patrons, the Medici family. 

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Secrets & Scandals: Florence Unveiled

A private tour revealing the scandalous history of Florence.

Art & Galleries - Private & Exclusive Tours - Fashion & Shopping - Eco-Friendly Tours - from € 21.52

Explore the less celebrated, but all the more tantalising, history of scandal and drama during this unique adults-only tour of the city. Fame and fortune during the Renaissance inevitably generated numerous scandals, notorious reputations and epic rumours. From the outrageous lifestyles of the rich and famous to their crimes of passion, hear all the juicy and sordid details behind the dramas that rocked the world of this high society.

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