Vegan Food Tour in Florence!

Discover the Original Vegan Food Tour in Florence! Enjoy delicious classic Italian food and learn about the local vegan-friendly food!

Can you Eat Vegan in Florence!

Yes! Let us show you how on our Vegan Food Tour in Florence!

Traditional Italian Plant-based Food

Unlike what you might have heard, Italian food isn’t all cheese and meat. There are a lot of traditional dishes which just happen to be vegan – no alteration needed!

Is there Vegan-Friendly Tuscan Cuisine?

There are multiple dishes, traditional to Tuscany and Florence which are vegan-friendly. From Cecina to Panzanella,  Ribollita to Castagnaccio- we’ll show you where to find the authentic Italian dishes, without having to worry about animal products.

Can I still try Italian Classics as a Vegan?

Maybe you just want to eat some good pizza and pasta while you’re in Italy? No problem! Of course, many regular pizzas and pasta dishes contain at least a lot of cheese if not egg and meat, but on this vegan food tour in Florence, you can learn about which types of pasta are made without egg, which sauces are vegan-friendly, and where to get the best pizza – all vegan!

Vegan Pasta, Vegan Pizza – In Florence!

Yes, it is possible to eat pasta and pizza in Florence! In fact, there are many spots – but we can show you the best! In most pizzerias you can take any pizza without cheese, so the ‘vegeteriana’ without mozzarella, or just take the ‘marinara’. But we can let you in on the secret where to get your vegan ‘cheese’ for a brilliant pizza experience.

To make your own vegan fresh pasta why not try our Vegan Cooking Class – Pasta- Making & Cantucci Baking with View of Florence!

Taste Tuscan Delights on this Vegan Tour:

  • Breakfast Cornetto – Filled Croissant & Coffee
  • Cecina
  • Pappa al Pomodoro
  • Ribollita
  • Panzanella
  • Gelato including the cone!

There are multiple vegan places opening in Florence but not all serve traditional Italian food, and while you often might find vegan ice cream sorbets, we can let you know where to get the best vegan flavors as well as a vegan cone!

1 review for Vegan Food Tour in Florence!

  1. Sarah

    What a fun experience! Definitely something you should try if visiting Florence, we did this and the cooking class which was a perfect balance to combine cultural and culinary even though we didn’t have much time to spend in the city. Totally recommend!

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