Unique Tuscany Wellness Retreat - Sensorial Healing, Somatic Awareness

A world first , a unique Tuscany Wellness Retreat with an expert healer to guide you through Sensorial Healing and Somatic Awareness to discover your inner creativity and beauty.

Tuscan Beauty and Healing

Enjoy a fabulous healing two day retreat in a luxurious Villa in the beautiful Tuscan Countryside Near Florence

First in Italy

This very special bespoke private on request retreat is a first in Italy.

High Qualified Professional

Includes your own personal highly qualified healing professional.

Personal Chef

Your own personal chef to cook the highest quality local Tuscan ingredients.

Listening to our body-healing ourselves

A series of exercises for writers, performers, artists, or anyone interested in hearing
what their body might have to say. However you express yourself, this workshop
will offer you another entry into inspiration, and new ways of withdrawing material
from your inner world.

Unlocking our Stories

Unlocking Stories from the Body is a gentle process to bypass the mind and enter
the body; to discover what memories, stories, images, and dreamings are
contained within. Every time you enter the body it will tell you something new, and
we learn how to listen to its language. When deep memory speaks, even stones
awaken to listen.

Self Exploration

The process works with free writing or drawing, to connect expression with feeling.
We feel, using our senses to open up the universes within and around us, listening
deeply to the inner and other worlds, and then we record what we find. These
workshops are the perfect complement to self exploration, or to any creative

Trauma Sensitive

The exercises are trauma sensitive,acknowledging that some memories can be
challenging to discover, and people must have tools to enter, exit, and modify the
process to control “the dose”. We learn to listen to cues from the body, and to
honour them.

Extensive Experience

The practice is adapted from the healer’s extensive history in theatre, dance,
bodywork, performance art, installation, ritual, and trauma recovery. Suitable for
people of all ages and fitness levels, who want to discover the stories held within
their cells, the senses, and the silence.

These are Stories From The Body – but which Body?
Our own body. Our invisible body. Nature’s body. Each other’s bodies.

Highlights of the Unique Tuscany Wellness Retreat-Sensorial Healing, Somatic Awareness

Creative Expression
Free Writing
Artists Writers Creatives of all kinds
People seeking Self Knowledge
Somatic Relaxation Experiences
““somatic thinking” which is experiencing the world from a sensory first-person
whole body perspective.”
Sensorial Awareness
Nature Immersion
Sensory Immersion
Deep listening
Inner world
Inner dreamscape
Trauma Sensitive
Self Wisdom
Self Knowledge
Self Expression
Body Expression
Sensory Meditation
Movement Meditation


Tour Details

This private experience can be customised according to your travels and preferences.

Transfers and pick ups can be arranged from Rome and Florence as well as potentially other surrounding areas.

We will visit an award-winning Tuscan farm, known as an ‘agriturismo’, which grows their own produce and even has their own dairy where they hand make cheeses and other products.

Here you may experience truffle hunting, pasta making, bread baking cheese making, and taste a wide variety of foods while enjoying a 5 course meal.

You will also visit a beautiful winery and enjoy a tour of the vinyards as well as a delicious wine-tasting.



Is it suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

The Tuscan food safari is suitable for vegetarians but please let us know upon booking. We are also able to cater for a vegan diet with prior warning.

Is the tour suitable for children?

Children are welcome on our tours. This experience includes wine and a wine tasting which of course is not for children and they may not find it interesting, but they can be catered for with delicious fresh juices or cordials.

How long is the safari and where does it go?

The precise duration will depend on where you are coming and leaving from. Typically we will leave from Florence city centre and drive 1 .5 hours through the Val D’Orcia countryside south of Siena visiting an agriturismo and a winery.

However, upon request add-ons may be booked including transfers from wherever you may be staying. Please allow a full day.


Feel free to contact us with any further questions.


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