The Alchemist's Walk - A Florence Garden Visit

Experience an enchanted walk through Florence’s Boboli gardens, its mystical grottos and sculptures. Discover the real alchemists of Italy with jewelry & perfume master creators.

Alchemy in Florence

Florence is famous as a city of art, the Renaissance and of the blossoming of humanism. Yet it holds within its walls a magical garden built on principles of Alchemy. This remains a source of inspiration to its numerous artisans and artists still residing in the city.

Alchemy is an ancient study and philosophy of turning base materials and metals into other, often more precious, substances. But, in this tour, we’ll discover how the seemingly esoteric art manifests today and is present even places we wouldn’t think and in our daily lives!

Inside Palazzo Pitti – The Boboli Gardens

We’ll meet for an enchanted stroll through the famous Boboli gardens, mysteriously built upon alchemical principles. Yet we’ll do more than just look at the view and enjoy the botanical display.

You’ll wander down cypress arbors to hidden fountains, discovering the gardens’ mystical labyrinthine pathways and grottos which effuse alchemical themes through nature, unique architecture and classical sculpture.

Spectacular views over the city – said to be the best in all of Florence – will be enjoyed from the Bardini gardens. Built upon the Montecuccoli, these gardens boast the longest Wisteria arbor and baroque staircase.

Neighborhood visits in San Niccolò

The experience continues with visits to local artisans of the San Niccolò neighborhood. This part of the city beyond the river buzzes with local life, workshops and studios of artisans and artists.

Alchemists in action -perfumer and jeweler

After an invigorating coffee or a gelato, we’ll visit a particular jewelry maker who both melts metals in his handmade jewels inspired by alchemists. Here, you’ll get an insider view into their craft and learn his inspirations from the local history.

Nearby we find the little store of a specialist perfumer who also mingles their craftsmanship with themes of alchemy. We’ll indulge our senses while wafting our nostrils with the sensorial pleasures of his magical concoctions.

Aperitivo at sunset

As evening draws, we’ll meander towards the river as the sun sets, itself an alchemical transformation of the sky, for an aperitif where we’ll share our reflections.

Tour Details

Places visited:

  • Boboli gardens
  • Private jewelers
  • Perfumers
  • Aperitivo bar


Meeting Point

Palazzo Pitti Courtyard


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