Luxury Gourmet Food and Wine Transfer- Rome to Florence

Enjoy the journey with our luxury Rome – Florence gourmet transfer with lunch and cooking experiences in the heart of Tuscany.

Luxury Gourmet Transfer in Italy-Rome to Florence

Experience a unique and delicious gourmet food and wine experience stopping in one of the world’s most beautiful locations – the UNESCO Tuscan valley – the Val d’Orcia.

This is the most unique gourmet luxury transfer experience from Rome to Florence- taking you through the best of  Tuscany.  We visit a Brunello Tuscan wine estate -one of the best, a breathtakingly beautiful ancient abbey and have a enjoyable cooking experience with one of Italy’s top Michelin chefs.

Michelin Chef-Real Fresh Food, Direct from the Land in Tuscany

Enjoy more than just the cities’ treasures by indulging in your journey too! Enjoy an immersion of Tuscan cuisine in the rolling countryside of Tuscany. Out in the Val D’Orcia in deep Southern Tuscany you’ll stop to have a cooking experience lunch with a Michelin chef. The best upcoming chef in Tuscany-if not Italy!

Rare Olive Oil and Local Specialties

You’ll enjoy his home grown rare extra virgin olive oil, fabulous local wines, local hams and cheeses and the best fresh vegetables you’ll get a taste of authentic seasonal Italian food straight from the restaurant kitchen gardens.

Top Tuscan Michelin Star Chef

Experience foodie paradise with a garden visit and an enjoyable relaxed cooking experience with one of Italy’s top Michelin star chefs.  After a stroll in his organic restaurant garden, enjoy learning how to cook his favorite dishes. Then enjoy a delicious lunch you’ve prepared together.

You will be invited to relax and enjoy, glass of wine in hand the cooking demonstration on how to make and cook very special pasta.

Food and Wine Transfer

Traveling’s not just about the destination, but enjoying the journey too: Make the most of your travels with our exclusive combined food and wine tour and city transfer!

Delicious Food and Wine

Whether you’re traveling from Rome to Florence, or Florence to Rome, let us arrange it for you. We’ll take you to our favorite foodie places  for delicious food and wine along the way.

Rome & Florence – 2 Italies

Florence and Rome are 2 of the most famous and popular cities to visit in Italy. They are both must-see cities, containing masterpieces and UNESCO heritage sites, and yet vastly different.

From the Eternal City…

Rome boasts the Colosseum along with much of the most intact Ancient Roman architecture and art found anywhere. It also has fountains, sculptures and buildings from some of history’s most famous and talented Genius’ including the Vatican’s  Sistine Chapel with its ceiling by Michelangelo.


It is a crazy and exciting sprawling city, a visual amalgam of its multi-millennial past. It’s the city of pizza and carbonara, the seven hills and grand park gardens. It has a vibrant nightlife, and circling seagulls serve as a reminder to its proximity to the sea and port of Ostia.

To the Heart of Art

Florence, on the other hand, is a Renaissance gem. Small and elegant, it is tucked in a valley of the Arno river with the rolling Tuscan hills flowing out on each side. With wealthy ruling aristocratic families such as the Medici’s and Strozzi’s investing in the arts in the 15th and 16th centuries, the city is blessed with one of the most beautiful Cathedrals in the world (the Duomo) and an almost coordinated facade architecture throughout the city and its basilicas and churches.

Florentine Steak and other Foodie Must Tastes

Florence is famed for its meat (Bistecca Fiorentina) and consequently its leather goods. The city of the artisan testifies the highest-quality craftsmanship from its history of the arts.

Gourmet Transfer:

Cook & Dine

Relax and see how the best pasta is made with unique ingredients. Take it easy and learn with this delightful cooking experience. A guided tour of the kitchen garden with our Michelin chef then enjoying the fruits of your labour in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany.

Tuscany’s Splendid Val D’Orcia

Enjoy the  beautiful Tuscan countryside of the Val d’Orcia valley and its delicious gourmet Italian cuisine on this Tuscany food transfer tour.

The World’s Best Food

Italy is famous for  its World Heritage food.  The government closely controls quality. All this work leads to outstanding food, taste and health benefits.

Tuscan Cuisine at Its Best

You’ll discover  Tuscan and Italian cuisine on this gourmet food transfer tour. You’ll also taste the best quality wine and food with this food tour day trip transfer experience.

Italian Guarantees of Quality Ingredients

Italian food is regulated closely and labels of assurance are awarded to the best products.

Brunello Wine and Super Tuscans

You will visit two of the most unique and best boutique production Brunello wineries in Tuscany, taste cheeses from local award-winning cheese makers, try the rarest finest quality premium olive oil – all while enjoying the spectacular Tuscan countryside.

Moreover, only particular grapes, limited yields, and no contaminants may be used assuring the highest quality wine, in flavor and in substance.

“Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P”  – is another guarantee that the olives are from protected rural areas of Italy and the oil is made and pressed under certain guidelines ensuring purity, taste, and healthiness.

Highlights of the Luxury Gourmet Food and Wine Transfer:

A cooking experience with one of Tuscany’s top Michelin chefs
A dinner in an exquisitely beautiful Tuscan setting
Taste the best food the region has to offer
A top Brunello Tuscan wine estate tasting
A visit to one of the most beautiful and historic abbeys in the world
Travel in comfort and style with a chauffeur
Experience the stunning countryside as well as delicious tastings and wine



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