Leonardo Da Vinci, Pisa & Lucca Private Tour

Experience the sublime beauty of Tuscany, the brilliance of Leonardo Da Vinci,  the magic of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the charming medieval town of Lucca in this private day trip from Florence.

Private Florence Day Trip, a Tuscany Tour

Enjoy a beautiful day out to the other side of Tuscany and visit the cultural cities of Vinci, Lucca and Pisa. You’ll see the leaning tower, the amazing round piazza and medieval walls of Lucca and the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci.

Visit Vinci, Lucca & Pisa

On this leisurely private 1 day Tuscany tour we combine the brilliance of Tuscany with the splendors of wonderful cultural cities. There’ll be Tuscan food and wine to go along with it all.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Lucca and Pisa

In this tour through Tuscany’s important towns, you’ll visit the birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci, then Pisa and Lucca in a day with this private day trip tour from Florence.

Field of Miracles & the Leaning Tower of Pisa:

Visit Pisa’s Field of Miracles, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There, you’ll get to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, one of the world’s top attractions. 

Tuscany Tour: 3 Important Towns Must-Sees

You’ll visit 3 beautiful Tuscany towns with their important famous must-sees

  • Vinci
    A small hamlet tucked in the Tuscan countryside, Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthplace.
  • Lucca
    A charming ancient walled Tuscan town with a famous oval-shaped piazza, stunning Tuscan towers and a complete wall.
  • Pisa
    Experience the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa and the field of miracles

Typical Italian Lunch in a Countryside Winery or Tuscan Trattoria

Enjoy a delicious Tuscan lunch in a bustling Italian piazza, watching the local life pass by, alternatively in a gorgeous winery looking out at the classic vineyards.


What is Vinci? Where is Vinci?!

Vinci is the town that is the birthplace of the famous Leonardo da Vinci. That is how he got his name by which we know him today – Leonardo ‘from Vinci’.


How to go to Vinci?

Vinci is a very small town under an hour from Florence. However, like many towns in Tuscany, it is not easy to visit without a car. On this particular Tuscany tour you can visit Vinci as well as other important towns in the region, Lucca and Pisa without wasting time on public transport.


Where was Leonardo da Vinci Born?

Leonardo da Vinci was born in the town of Vinci, set amongst the rolling hills, in a little stone house. This house where he was born and raised which is now a museum that can be visited.


Leonardo da Vinci Museum

There are museums dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci’s genius throughout Italy. If you would like to visit the Leonardo Da Vinci museum in Vinci where he was born, please tell us in a note beforehand so we can adjust the tour timing. There is an extra ticket cost of 3-13 euros depending on whether you visit the museum and/or the birthplace and the time of day.


Medieval & Renaissance Architecture

If there’s one thing all visitors to Pisa agree on, it’s that pictures don’t do the tower justice. Lucca, by comparison, is more off-the-beaten-path. But with its Medieval towers (some with trees on top!) and sprawling countryside, it’s worth a trip to see in person. It’s got all the rustic small-town charm that Tuscany is famous for and a beautiful oval-shaped piazza. 

Classic Tuscan Foods & Wine

Lucca is famous all over Tuscany for its rich cuisine and classic Tuscan recipes. Our Vinci, Pisa & Lucca tour stops for a lunch in a local trattoria or we stop in a fabulous hilltop winery with beautiful views, have a tasting of high quality Tuscan wines and a light lunch of delicious local specialties.  

Free time to explore Pisa and Lucca

We believe that vacations are for relaxing. That’s why we designed our tour to give you enough time to explore on your own. That way, you can experience Tuscany instead of just seeing it. Spend a morning and tour Pisa and you’ll be able to take that iconic shot with the tower. And in Lucca, we’ve given you lots of time to gift-shop. Go sightseeing, relax and have a gelato in a world-class gelateria. Relish a pick-me-up of any of Lucca’s rich cakes and pastries or savor a coffee in a historical Cafe.

Italian souvenirs

Lucca is perfect for Italian souvenirs. Italians call these small gifts pensierini (“little thoughts”). Beautiful, locally-produced traditional ceramics are a must. There’s a large variety of artisan studios to wander into in Lucca. Traditional cakes and biscuits also make great gifts. For salamis and cheeses, double-check customs regulations in your home country.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci, an incomparable genius contributed greatly to what we know about our world today. He’s famous for iconic paintings like the Mona Lisa, but Da Vinci was a true Renaissance man who was a master in everything from arts to engineering to mathematics. A man comparable to Albert Einstein, Da Vinci was way ahead of his time.
When seeing Leonardo’s birthplace we also get to see a very beautiful part of the world. We embark on a trip into the heart of the Tuscan countryside, with its gently rolling hills, olive groves and vineyards to see where Leonardo was born and raised, a typical simple peasant house of the time. Its old stone walls and traditional terracotta tiles.

The Vinci, Pisa & Lucca – Prefer a Small Group?

We have a semi-private small group Vinci, Pisa & Lucca tour too!

Tour Details

What’s Included?

  • A small group or private tour with a great guide
  • Stunning Tuscan landscapes
  • A visit to the birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Enjoying the leaning tower of Pisa in the field of miracles
  • A walk around the charming medieval town of Lucca
  • A tasty light Tuscan lunch with typical local good wine.

Meeting Point

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