The Florentine Steak Experience ™ - Florence Cooking Class

Quite possibly the best steak experience in the world! Enjoy learning to cook a thick and juicy Florentine steak with this cooking class in Florence!

The New Florentine Steak Experience ™

In this first-of-its-kind cooking class in Florence you will cook up your very own Florentine Steak – Bistecca alla Fiorentina! Here, in one of the finest traditional trattorias in Florence – the city of the beef-steak.

Learn How to Cook & How to Eat the Bistecca Fiorentina!

We have teamed up with the best experts to give you a cooking class in Tuscan cuisine including where you’ll prepare a 3 course meal to be enjoyed alongside your sumptuous steak.

Discover the Wine & Sides for the Florentine Steak

You will be warmly welcomed at the restaurant with a glass of local wine, while donning your chef’s apron, before learning to cook your very own steak!

You’ll also prepare a classic Tuscan starter and side dishes such as cannellini beans and ‘fettunta’ – giving an insight into the regional and seasonal foods used in traditional local cuisine.

Enjoy the Bistecca Fiorentina in a Traditional Tuscan Trattoria

We’ve chosen one of the best local trattorias in Florence that uses the best quality certified Chianina steak meat. You’ll enjoy your meal in a warm authentic setting. Our wonderful little local trattoria (traditional Florentine restaurant) is located close to Piazza San Martino in the very heart of Florence’s  historical centre and close to everything.  It’s an easy 15 walk after our David tour to reach the restaurant.

Live the Experience & Take Home the Know-How!

You’ll go home with a recipe and tips and hints on what you need to order at the butcher and what ingredients and cooking techniques will make for a truly delicious mouth-watering steak at home.

You’ll also learn about how high quality ingredients and seasonal produce is a cornerstone of Italian cuisine.

We’ll have good Chianti wine from the region to taste and enjoy.

This is an immersive hands-on experience where your great guide explains and ensures you know all about how to cook the best steak of your life.

What you Get with your Florentine Steak Experience:

  • A cooking lesson learning the trick of Italian cuisine!
  • Starter of classic Tuscan anti-pasti ‘Fettunta’: toasted Tuscan bread with olive oil drizzled on top
  • Secondo or main course: the steak and dishes you’ve cooked!  A good Florentine Steak is usually around 1-1.2 kilos – that’s over 2.5 pounds! Because the steak is so big, traditionally they are served in the center of the table to be shared and you serve yourselves. Don’t worry, there will be plenty! See our blog on how Florentine Steak is traditionally enjoyed.
  • A choice of Tuscan side dishes: roasted potatoes, greens, salad and traditional Tuscan white beans
  • Dessert: we have a delicious Tuscan dessert of “Cantucci'”: local handmade biscuits that you dip in Vin Santo – “holy wine” to enjoy-divine!
  • The wine to accompany is a good honest local Chianti wine with a story to tell.
  • Water, of course!

What is a Florentine steak? (Bistecca alla Fiorentina)

The Florentine Steak is a T-bone or Porterhouse steak cut from the ancient Chianina breed of cow, reared in the Tuscan countryside. The best restaurants have certification that they are using the real meat of these cows.

Bistecca Fiorentina – or Bistecca alla Fiorentina – first became known in Florence during the Renaissance period. Now it is a legend in its own right.

It’s typically served rare and, due to its size, served in the middle of the table shared between 2 or more people. The Florentines eat their steak, not with fries, but cannellini beans, unsalted Tuscan bread and roast potatoes. It’s delicious and one of the great iconic gourmet experiences every one visiting Florence should enjoy.

Whilst many food and wine products are exported around the world, the Bistecca alla Fiorentina has to be enjoyed here in Florence. Made from the white Chianina cow, one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world, this steak has been eaten here for centuries.

Tuscany is the Best Place to Taste the Best Steak

Attempts have been made to export the Chianina cow. But the steak has never been as good as it is here where the breed has roamed for thousands of years. The cattle are kept in open fields around Tuscany.

What is the best way to cook a Florentine Steak?

Cooking the Florentine steak is a true art. Cut with one sharp chop, this T-bone loin steak is served in 28-42 oz (800-1200g) servings, and usually very thick! The grill temperature is measured to 550 °F before the room-temperature steak is placed on the searing heat, about 5 minutes on each side, sealing in the flavor. A good rest is crucial before eating.

How to Enjoy a Florentine Steak?

The original Florentine steak, ordered as a main meal, is usually shared between 2 or 3 people. Don’t worry, it’s huge and we can assure you there will always be enough to enjoy! Served on a wooden chopping board, with salt, pepper, drizzled with extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil, and a wedge of lemon for those who wish to squeeze some fresh juice onto the steak. See our blog for more information on how to enjoy a Florentine Steak.

How Rare should a Florentine Steak Be?

Slicing the tender steak, you will see the steak is cooked well on the outside, but almost rare in the middle. Florentines take their steak pretty seriously, so if you’re used to a well-done steak you might want to try it their way before asking them to put it back on the grill!

Read everything you need to know and more about Florentine Steak on our blog

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

It is at the core of our restaurant partner’s policy to be respectful of the environment and work actively to reduce their impact.

They are proud to work in collaboration with the organization Treedom which helps social and economic development in undeveloped areas or affected by natural disasters through planting trees such as banana and cacao trees. This helps local communities while also absorbing CO2. Every 14 cover charges purchases one of these trees in countries including Haiti, Cameroon and Bolivia.

They actively work to save water by using compostable wheat bran plates instead of washing up and use eco-friendly biodegradable cleaning products.

They are plastic free, all materials are compostable.

The grills used are electric and the restaurants are completely powered by certified renewable sources of electricity.

Tour Details


  • Eat and cook Fettunta, a classic Tuscan Antipasti (“Antipasto”)
  • Make the classic Florentine Steak yourself!
  • Enjoy the Bistecca Fiorentina with classic Tuscan side dishes
  • Try an authentic regional dessert: Cantucci with Vin Santo “holy wine”.
  • Drink and learn about a local Chianti wine

Special menu requests?
There is a -Vegetarian Option Menu and a Children’s Option Menu for under 12 kids to enjoy. (With discounts!)

Prices are Per child under 12 is 39 euros
For vegetarians 49 Euros

Just contact us directly to book.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact the ArtViva staff!

Feel free to order other courses and wines. The restaurant also has other delicious local gourmet treats for you to take home.

Tour Length
1.5-2 hours

Meeting Point

Our wonderful little trattoria (restaurant) is located in the very center of historical Florence just near Piazza San Martino. It’s close to everything and a 15 minute walk from where our David Tour ends at 5.45 pm.

We’ll confirm the exact meeting point with you after booking.


What is a Florentine Steak?
A Florentine Steak is an Italian T-bone/Porterhouse appearing cut of beef, traditionally grilled on a wood fire. It should always be of the Chianina cow breed, be above 1.5 inch high (optimally 2.5 inch) and cooked rare.

Do you have to eat a Florentine steak rare? / Can you ask for a well done Bistecca Fiorentina?
As all Italians will tell you, the Florentine Steak should be eaten “rare”, and at most authentic restaurants choosing how the steak is done is not even an option. At more “tourist-oriented” restaurants, however, it might be possible to ask for a medium or well done steak. In our experience, we will show you how the steak is traditionally cooked, suggest you at least try it, and if you request can put it back on the grill.

What cut is a Florentine Steak?
The Bistecca alla Fiorentina is a thick Porterhouse steak (Meaning it includes both the sirloin and the tenderloin) that should be at least 1.5 inch high, but optimally around 2.5 inch

How do you season a Florentine Steak?
A good authentic Florentine steak should be flavored simply with salt and the grilling process. This lets you experience the special quality Italian beef better. There are some recipes adding rosemary or even (in the 1890 article by Pellegrino Artusi) butter however.

How thick should a Florentine Steak be?
The Tuscan people don’t measure the thickness of their steak in inches, but in fingers.! The best thickness is said to be around 3, 4 fingers thick, coming through at around 2.5 inches and sometimes even a bit thicker!

What kind of meat should be used for a Florentine Steak?
The only real way to go is the Tuscan Chianina breed, this breed can only optimally live around the Tuscan hills as it has a special diet and temperature around this area. This gives the steak a great beefy flavor, making it, according to some, the best steak in the world!

Where can I eat real Florentine Steak?
This experience lets you taste and cook the real Chianina Bistecca alla Fiorentina, but if you want to try other authentic restaurants we offer great recommendations here!


13 reviews for The Florentine Steak Experience ™ – Florence Cooking Class

  1. Janine Weiss

    Been to Florence before, but this special evening learning about the Chianina Florentine Beefsteak with friends was fabulous. We were in the kitchen with the Chef and learned first hand on the cut and preparation. Of course eating this delicacy was great. I totally recommend this special night, a wonderful culinary experience after a day at the museums.

  2. Esther Kim

    This was so lovely – the treated us like VIP. Got to talk and speak with the chef and sous chefs, put the steak on the grill, learn about the very intentional eco-friendly focus of the restaurant (edible plates). The manager was an amazing story-teller and host and so generous with descriptions of everything so you could appreciate what you were eating. It was beyond spectacular. We also got to enjoy someone performing a reading of Dante for another group that was there. The food was the most delicious thing. I couldn’t get very how good the potatoes where. And obviously the steak. I have been living in New York for 11 years, and this experience just topped it all – I still about that dinner to this day.

  3. Carol Matsuoka

    SemiCooking class! They taught us the right way to cook a 4″ thick steak! It was like a Porterhouse, except aged forever then grilled…I got to wear the hat and apron and pretend like I knew what I was doing! Lots of meat, food and drinks… Everything is EVVO on everything. Extra Virgin Olive Oil… delicious… Started with appetizers with sparkling wine… Wonderful baked breads, thinly slices of meat and cheese. Then up and started cooking with the chef! They explained each step of the process, while we helped do some cutting, drinking and watching how it was done. They told us that this steak is special and comes from a certain region in Italy… After the steaks were done, veggies were cooking as well as potatoes and more homemade breads. Desert was served also to top it off… Really a great experience! Lots of fun! Would suggest this to our friends to have a little different type of dinner experience!

  4. Diane Briand

    My family and I highly recommend this experience. We had a beautiful and very tasty evening with plenty of food and drinks. We learned how to prepare and cook the famous Florentine steak, which we enjoyed after in the dining room. Very good value for money especially for families of young adults. Overall, one of our best evening and experience in Florence!

  5. Emily Johnson

    Would totally recommend this experience for all ages! Something unique and different. Brought my pre-teen daughter – who was the only kid (not surprisingly) in a great, small group of travelers. Going back into the kitchen to tenderize the meat, grill, etc with the chefs – so much fun, and definitely unique! Small group; really quality food, fun hosts – totally recommend!

  6. Kyle Kerley

    From booking to cooking to devouring: the entire process was perfectly smooth. Gabriel was an excellent host and the portion where we actually went into the kitchen was informative and fun despite feeling like we were in the way. All of the staff including the head chef were so friendly, accommodating, and all-around great to be with. The steak was INCREDIBLE as was the rest of the spread provided. This was such a great experience and I’m so glad we did it.

  7. Laura Kerley

    This cooking class was one of the best experiences in Florence. It took place at a restaurant Toscana 2, not a specific cooking school which was different than we were expecting. We sat down and were greeted by Gabriel who led us through a wonderful culinary experience. We started with a platter of appetizers and proseco while we received an overview of the restaurant and region of Florence. Then we were led into the kitchen to pick our steak and learn how to cook in the Florentine way (all while enjoying a glass of wine). There wasn’t much hands on cooking in this class, but we still felt very involved. Once everything was prepared, we enjoyed one of the best meals, ever! The event lasted several hours and we loved every minute!

  8. Travis Stiles

    On our trip to italy we spent time in Rome, Florence and Venice. We saw so many amazing things and had an amazing time…..but this cooking class was my favorite part of the whole trip. Not only was it amazing, but I would do it again which is weird for a cooking class.

  9. Anne Earman

    The wine and water flowed freely and our dinner was outstanding. We were greeted with wine and an appetizer. Next we moved to the kitchen to select our steak and an overview of what to expect and lesson about the white cow. A great time was had by our group of 6. I would do this again…fun night.

  10. Margaret Gaddis

    highly recommend this experience! The food was incredible, wine was perfect, and the entire evening was the highlight of our trip. The total group size was 6 (two of us and 4 others), which allowed for an intimate setting to learn about the history and preparation of Florentine Steaks. Everyone participated in the preparation and cooking, then we all gathered around a table to share and eat the food we cooked. Our host was very knowledgeable and a great guide in every aspect of the evening. I highly recommend this experience – do yourself a favor and book it!

  11. Enid and Bryan Forman

    Never having had the Florentine Steak Experience, having a steak and learning how to cook this top quality beef was an opportunity too good to turn down. Alberto was a most congenial and informative host. We also enjoyed the company of our fellow “chefs” (three from the USA and a newlywed couple from the Middle East) both at our table, before and after our cooking class and in the kitchen. The steaks were delicious (certainly could taste the difference in the Chianina beef), as was the accompanying food and wine. It was a truly engaging way to spend an evening.

  12. Matthew McCarthy

    Would highly recommend, instructor/chef was great. Food was amazing.

  13. Albert Pacosky

    Easy to book, great value. A little hard to find but an incredible evening filled with wine, laughter and learning. We learned the Florentine way to prepare Tuscan beef, from the types of cuts, size, tenderizing and cutting, cooking, slicing and seasoning. I eat beef about once per month and this was incredible. I would highly recommend this experience to everyone.

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