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Thinking about booking a tour with Artviva? Here's why you should:

 We humbly call ourselves "The Original and Best" for a reason. Since 1996, ArtViva has been delivering a range of creative, entertaining, highest quality tours and events, offering exceptional value to our clients with the best guides available, small groups, and attention to customer satisfaction. Our tours have received considerable international acclaim and notice from travel writers, guide book authors, and famous visitors to Italy. ArtViva adheres to Responsible Tourism ideals and always lists all-inclusive prices - no hidden charges. Our office is based in Florence, Italy, and we invite you to contact us during your stay in Italy for assistance. We are a fully licensed and bonded tour operator in accordance with European laws. (License Number 516411. Insurance Policy/Unipol Number 065032357144.) Our company is approved by ASTA (The American Society of Travel Agents). 

As leaders in innovative tours, ArtViva designs travel experiences that engage, inform, entertain, and delight the senses. Our commitment to quality means that we never take our leading position for granted and remain dedicated to evolving and perfecting our tour offerings. We are very proud to play a special role in Italy -  that of bringing its magnificent art, culture, and history to thousands of travellers yearly. Every activity we offer is carefully crafted to deliver what's essential for an authentic Italy experience, with the goal of leaving you feeling almost like a native. We’ve researched the most interesting stories, anecdotes and fascinating facts to invigorate your spirit while here. And we don't stop there. We’ve also sought out the best of everything, from the best views of that stunning Tuscan sunset and most beautiful olive groves, vineyards, and cypress-lined paths to the best traditional and friendly restaurants to sample delicious local specialties and little-known wine producers and private exclusive villas (where you will never see a tourist bus!). No other company in Italy offers such variety and depth of imaginative and innovative travel itineraries. 

Our tours are small by design, with group sizes determined by the tour needs and participant caps that are absolute maximums, not merely 'average' group sizes. While other tour companies can have up to 50 or 60 persons per tour, our maximum group sizes range from just 6 to 18 adults. This means a chance to speak to your guide personally, to receive individual attention, to visit places big groups cannot access, and ultimately experience Italy in a more intimate, authentic manner. Our tours are conducted by excellent, native or near-native speakers of English. We use audio devices when needed to ensure you can hear the guide at all times.

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