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We are very fortunate to work with extraordinary

professional guides, experts, art historians, actors and travel professionals, all of whom are specially trained for our small-group public and private tours and special events. 

ArtViva guarantees comprehensive quality across all our tours. All in-house guides have undergone rigorous training on our specially designed tours, giving great attention to detail and contributing to our company's international reputation as a provider of the best tours in Italy. We are the only company in Italy that extensively trains its guides to achieve excellence at this level. 

Our friendly, knowledgeable, entertaining guides are passionate about what they do and their love of all things Italian. They come from all walks of life and backgrounds: art historians, historians, artists, photographers, journalists, chefs, sommeliers, wine makers and actors. Whether you join a tour in Florence, Tuscany, Venice, Rome or other destination, each tour will be led by a wonderful guide who will make the experience special, allow time for personal attention to your questions, and share local restaurant recommendations or suggestions for a nice place to choose special gifts and souvenirs. Our guides are there to help you make it up that hill or explain the intricacies of a world famous artistic masterpiece - and they are delighted to do so. We only work with guides who receive consistent high reviews, and we are very proud of the positive feedback they continue to earn! 

Some of our experts available on request for special events include: Maurizio Seracini, Francesco da Mosto, and Burton Anderson.

Contact us anytime for more information. 

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