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Everything required for complete production assistance for films, TV and documentaries in Italy. 

Artviva is excellently placed to provide optimum service for complete production services in Italy.

Utilising our history in theatre and performing arts plus adding in our expertise in all things Italian, we are able to offer high-quality, reasonably priced production assistance in Italy, Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Venice and beyond. 

See some of our features in media, TV and documentaries.

What sets ARTVIVA apart from other production services:

Quality Services: Our Theatre background ensures sensitivity to quality issues concerning location choices and budget, costuming, acting and makeup.We have sourced the best and most reasonably priced technicians, costumiers, props suppliers etc in Italy.

Travel and tour arrangements: Being a travel agency ensures all travel arrangements can be catered for from hotel reservations to transport to drivers to private tours to museum reservations.

Research: Our expert historians and art historians ensure high-quality, in-house research at reasonable cost and also ensure that locations and costumes and props are historically accurate.

Logistics: Our pre-production services also entail research into the logistics of your production.

Fixing: Because we work closely with museums and churches as well as many other excellent locations around Italy, we can utilise our contacts offer cost effective guarantees to accessibility to major monuments

Central location: Artviva is based in Florence Italy, within hours of Rome, Venice and Milan, ensuring we have extensive local knowledge.

Translators: We are able to coordinate fast and efficient on-site translations during filming or translate documents and communications in the preparation and post-production phase. 

Other services: Lighting and sound, international phone rentals, transfer and transport services, catering and more can be arranged by ArtViva.

Feedback on ArtViva's production services: 

"...thank you for a wonderful job. Your entire staff was attentive to our shooting schedule and the details which can befuddle so many who are not familiar with the peculiarities of production crews. And most important, you made us feel like we were the most important people in Florence. We all left singing your praises. Thank you very much."

Bill Kurtis - acclaimed documentary host and producer, network news anchor and multimedia production company president USA

For more information: 

Contact: rose@artviva.com 
Office: (+39) 055 2645033 
Mobile: (+39) 329 6132730 
Address: Via Sassetti, 1 (2nd floor)
Florence, Italy
Email: staff@artviva.com


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