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The Original Rome Walk
Masterpieces of the Vatican & St. Peter's
Original Venice Walk & Doge's Palace
The Great Grand Canal Expedition
The Original Florence Walk
Masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery Tour - Skip the Line
Original David and Accademia Museum Tour

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Italy Grand Tour - Special Discounted Package!

Enjoy pre-reserved entry, superb guided activities in Italy, the must-see sights and best guides in the luxury of smaller groups - all at a significant discount. 


  • Original Venice & Doge's Palace - discover the splendour of St. Mark's Square and visit the setting of one of the world's mercantile 'dynasties'
  • The Original Grand Canal Tour - explore another side to Venice - along its most splendid waterway.
  • plus: Murano Glass Factory Transfer - enjoy a free return to the famous glass island!


  • The Original Florence Walk  - the most famous sights of Florence's city centre with an expert Florence guide!
  • Masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery Tour  - priority access to the highlights of this world-famous collection. 
  • The Original David Tour - meet Michelangelo's 'David' on this best Accademia guide.


  • Masterpieces of the Vatican Museum - pre-reserved access to a world-famous collection of masterpieces. 
  • The Original Rome Walk  - walk in the footsteps of Rome's legends on this fascinating exploration of the highlights of the Eternal City.


Please note: You can reserve each individual tour in this discount package using the seperate booking calendars for each activity. Rome and Venice public tours are not available in August due to the mid-summer break. All persons under 17 must present valid ID showing date of birth for entries or full adult price will be charged. We must reserve tickets well in advance of your tour date. As such, a rebooking fee shall be incurred should you wish to change dates. Please make sure that shoulders and knees are covered for entrance into churches. Backpacks/large bags, long umbrellas and 'selfie sticks' are not permitted in museums and some other sites. Please bring only over-shoulder bags. See note below for further regulations.

Murano transfer: To book your Murano transfer, please make a note in the Notes section of your booking to request the date. We will also need to know your hotel location in Venice and contact details. A representative from the Murano glass factory will be in touch with you regarding the time of your transfer. 

Bag storage: Museum and some Church regulations do not permit backpacks and there is no convenient storage facility. Please bring only shoulder bags. The Uffizi Gallery further requests, "to get you through security faster, we'd be grateful if you could bring as few bags with you as possible, and try to put all the metal items you're carrying in a single container before going through the metal detector. Thank you." 

Museum regulations: It is strictly forbidden to touch the artworks; to lean on the bases of sculptures or on the walls; to smoke; to throw chewing gum on the floor; to eat or drink; to sit on the floor or on the protective railings; to speak in a loud voice; to disturb other visitors; to use laser pointers; to behave in an unseemly manner detrimental to the dignity of the museum; to bring backpacks or long umbrellas; to use mobile (cell) phones; and, to use selfie-sticks.  Photography and filming are allowed only without the use of flash, lighting or tripods, and only for personal rather than commercial use.

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