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Islands of Glass - Masters of Murano

See Murano's artisans creating their masterworks 

Private & Exclusive Tours - Fashion & Shopping - from € 55.00

See the ancient art of glass making in one of Venice's most illustrious artisan workshops. With a personal skipper and guide accompanying you aboard a luxury motorboat, glide through picturesque canals out to the lagoon, and then on to the island of glass.

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A Prestigious Island of Glass - Murano Transfer

Glide through picturesque canals and Venice's lagoon to Murano-the famous island of glass artisans

Fashion & Shopping - Boat, Gondola & Yacht Experiences - Families & Kids - Special Discounted Packages - € 30.00

Enjoy being whisked away for the day to the fabulous island of Murano! There, you can witness the talent, artistry, and perhaps magic, that goes into crafting the finest quality glass masterworks. The city’s history and splendour come together magnificently during this fascinating trip.

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