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Artisan Gelato Making Workshop

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Artisan Gelato Making Workshop

This hands-on gelato making class will be a hit for the whole family! Learn about the invention, history, and the artisans who blazed the trail. Then, engage all five senses: smell the spices, taste the ingredients, see the colors and the gelato-making process, get hands-on and create your own, and then (the best part) taste your final product! You will not only leave this workshop with a belly full of delicious gelato, but also an understanding of what sets gelato apart from ice cream, sorbet, granita, and semifreddo. Never eat “fake” gelato ever again!


·        A custom gelato-making kitchen
·        Work with the finest ingredients
·        Hands on experience
·        Enjoy eating your creation

The finer details of the Gelato Making Class:

Meeting time and dates: To be decided upon request. 

Length: 1 hour

Meeting point: To be confirmed upon request.

Minimum required to run tour: 2 adults.  

Maximum participants per group: 15 people

Weather: Runs rains or shine 

Sites Visited

The best gelato-making kitchen in Florence

  • A custom gelato-making kitchen
  • Work with the finest ingredients
  • Hands on experience
  • Enjoy eating your creation
Not included: Tips, extra drinks or snacks
Start Location: Florence
End Location: Florence
Dress Code: Easy and comfortable
Important information

Runs rain or shine

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