How to Pop the Question in the World’s Most Romantic Country

If you’ve spent long, fruitless hours searching the internet for that perfect proposal idea, and you’re banging your head against a wall in frustration, we have a solution. For those who want to make sure that popping the question is an event that you will both remember for the rest of your lives then there’s only one answer: Italy.

It Has to Be Italy
Italy is renowned as the birthplace of romance, and Italians are renowned as the embodiment of the romantic. Whether you settle for the heart of a city or a stunning countryside backdrop, some of the native passion is bound to rub off on you when you pop the question.

So after you’ve made the right decision and decided that you will get engaged in Italy, the next step is to choose the type of Italian experience that will suit you and your beloved. The range of options can be a bit daunting so I’ve put together a few ideas that would certainly have appealed to me when I was getting engaged.

My gut feeling is that if you are going the extra mile and proposing in Italy then you should really go for it and set up a romantic extravaganza. There’s no point in coming all this way to the world’s most romantic backdrop and settling for a quiet restaurant or a glass of fizz on a balcony.

Frankly speaking, take a page from the Italian book and turn your proposal into an event that is extravagant and awe-inspiring.

A Florentine Proposal
All the main Italian cities are strong candidates for the setting of an unforgettable proposal, but my favourite is Florence. We can help you arrange something extra special here. We’ll assign you a private chauffeur-guide to deliver you both to a romantic spot along with a gourmet picnic and a celebratory prosecco.

The top spots here in my mind are the Boboli Gardens, the Rose Garden below the Piazzale Michelangelo, or up at Fort Belvedere.

Boboli Gardens
This is a large area with multiple secluded spots where you and your beloved can hide away from the tourists and share your magical moment together.

The Rose Garden
If you are proposing during the Spring or early Summer then you should consider doing it in the Rose Garden that is located near to Piazzale Michelangelo. With its rock benches, charming fountains and dazzling blooming rose bushes, you’d be hard pressed to pick a more stunning location.

Fort Belvedere
The engagement is the moment to impress your other half with your ingenuity and resourcefulness, and you can excel their expectations by choosing the Forte Belvedere as the backdrop to your proposal. This location is off the beaten path so it’ll give you both privacy and a sense of exclusivity. The views of the city are unsurpassed, and it’s the perfect place for a leisurely gourmet picnic.

Something a Little Different
If you’re the sort of person who would seek an ultra romantic location for your proposal then you might also be interested in spinning a fairytale experience for your other half. For all those dreamers and schemers out there we created a proposal package that few can resist.

Imagine strolling arm in arm with your beloved along the winding paths of a particularly romantic location in Florence, Rome or Venice. Suddenly, out of nowhere a falconer dressed in historical costume approaches you on horseback. On his arm is a magnificent bird of prey who, at his command, soars into the air and swoops down to offer your partner a love token from his beak.

Who could say no after such a proclamation of love? Plus you’re guaranteed to dine out on that story for many years to come!

And After the Affirmative…
The main advantage to getting engaged in Italy is that you can spin out the experience – it won’t be a quick burst of excitement and romantic pleasure followed by a return to the typical daily grind. The cities and the countryside offer so many opportunities to be enchanted that you can easily spend a week in a romantic haze here.

Courtship and wooing are in the DNA of the Italians and their soil. Whether you’re wandering the cobbled streets of the Old Towns, gazing at the views of the city rooftops or simply snuggling together in a cosy street bar, you won’t lack for inspiration.

After the question has been popped and answered with a resounding “yes!”, then we can offer you a whole host of celebratory touring experiences wherever you are in Italy. Give us a call to find out more.

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