Firenze Card: What you Need to Know to Visit Florence 2019

Whether to buy the Firenze card Florence museum pass

What is the Firenze Card?

Firenze Card is the official Florence Museum Pass. It gives you skip-the-line entry into many of Florence’s museums. In fact, it gives you free entry into 78 museums! Sounds great right?

Well, there’s a catch. It’s valid only for 72 hours – so it’s not clear how many you can actually visit in that time!

Just in case you weren’t sure, it’s called ‘Firenze Card‘ because Firenze is the Italian name for Florence.

florence queue for duomo
Florence can have very long queues, which you can skip with the Firenze Card

How much does the Firenze Card Cost?

As of June 1st, 2018 the Firenze Card costs 85€.

For an extra 7€ you can get Firenze Card + (plus) which includes unlimited use of Florence’s public transport – buses and trams as well as children under 18 free.

Uffizi museum tour in Florence
Gallery Uffizi in Florence – One of the largest museums included in the Florence Museum Pass

How long is the Firenze Card, Florence Museum Pass valid for?

Firenze Card is valid for 72 hours from your first entry into a museum. In this period of time – 3 days- it allows you to enter as many of the museums included as you like, but only once.

If you are staying longer in Florence and want more time you can extend the card with ‘Restart’ to get an extra 48 hours validity on the card. This doesn’t have to be consecutive, so if you visit Florence, and come back within 12 months you can still restart your card for just 28€!

firenze card restart

Is the Firenze Card Worth it?

As ever, the short answer to this is – it depends. Depending on how long you have in Florence, and how many museums you’d like to see its value can be great, or not really.

Beyond calculating the cost of museum entry versus the card, the Firenze Card Museum Pass offers various other benefits.

It also depends when you’re visiting, as in the summer periods when queues are much longer, it can be a great advantage to skip the lines. – This, in turn, gives you more time to visit more museums!

For an idea here are some standard ticket prices for some of the most popular museums. The higher price is if you buy online with skip-the-line access where relevant:

  • The Uffizi Gallery – 20-24€
  • The Accademia Gallery (Michelangelo’s David (statue) – 12 -16€
  • Palazzo Pitti  – 16 – 19€
  • Boboli Gardens – 10-13€
  • Palazzo Vecchio (with or without tower and archeological site) – 10-19.50€
  • Bargello Museum – 11€

As you can see, even though some are quite expensive, you have to visit quite a few museums to reach the value of the Florence museum pass at 85€. So it also depends on how much of your 3 days you want to spend in museums – and this might depend on the time of year.

What is included in the Firenze Card?

florence duomo cupola
Even though tickets include visits to the cupola, it is not guaranteed and there is no skip the line

For a full list of the museums included click here to see the list from the official site – it’s worth noting that some are free to enter anyway (the Duomo if you can stand the wait) or just a couple of euros (Forte de Belvedere).

The Firenze Card will give you priority access to most of these museums including any temporary exhibitions which usually have a surcharge. Note that access to the Cupola of the Cathedral is not always guaranteed and in any case you must make a reserved time slot. The same goes for the Accademia and Uffizi where you must book a time slot.

Firenze Card – Collect or App?

You can either buy your FirenzeCard online at firenzecard.it or at a collection point in the city which you can find from the same site. Once you’ve bought it you can download a digital Firenze Card Museum Pass and use that or if you prefer a physical one you can pick it up at a collection point. The choice is yours

firenze card app

What is FirenzeCard+ ?

Firenze Card + (Plus) costs an extra 7€ and allows you to use your card as a bus and tram ticket for the duration of the 72 hours.

The other benefit is it includes all children under 18 for free!

Add to this a museum guide and Firenze Card bag with special offers and it seems like a great little extra!

It can also be bought with the Restart option for the same extra 7€

Where can I buy the Firenze Card – Florence Museum Pass?

You can buy the Florence Museum Pass, Firenze Card online on the official site here or via the app.

When to Buy the Firenze Card?

It doesn’t matter much when you buy the FirenzeCard, you can even buy once you’ve arrived in Florence. Or buy it before you come.


Can you use the FirenzeCard with ArtViva Tours?

While we don’t usually recommend getting the FirenzeCard Museum pass, because we include the fastest possible access and ticket price as standard, if you have already bought it, we can refund you the following for the ticket price if you book through us:

Masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery Tour (or any Uffizi tour, small group or private) – 20€ refund per person

The Original David Tour – or any Accademia Gallery tour (or any tour including Accademia entrance) – €8 refund per person

Girl looking at Michelangelo's David

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