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Sicily Highlights

Why should you visit Sicily?

Marvelous landscapes

Mountains? Check. Hills? Check. Marvelous sea? Check.

Most of Sicily is mountainous, with its highest point being the famous Mount Etna which dominates its east coast. Currently standing at more than 3,000 meters high and covering an area of more than 1,000 km, which makes it the highest mountain in Italy south of the alps.

Sicily’s central plateau then slopes to the coastal lowlands. Giving Sicily its stunning beaches which draws Italians and tourists alike during the summer months, especially given the warm temperatures and beautiful weather that characterize these months.

Unique atmosphere

Although Sicily is now part of Italy, it has been part of different civilizations through the ages. Getting Arabic, Spanish and even Viking influences! Sicily has, however, been an autonomous island for a large part of its history as well. That, and also more recent history has created one of the most diverse regions in Italy, and one of the most unique islands on earth! A definite must-see.

Delicious cuisine

It’s hard to imagine a trip to any part of Italy without food being one of the key elements. But Sicily stands out as one of the most diverse and famous cuisines. Sicily claims a diverse cuisine mainly attributed to its history, which has shaped not only the island, as we know it today, but also its foods and customs.


Best of Italy!

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