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About Capri

Capri‘s mild weather and relative isolation have long made it a favorite retreat.

The Roman Emperor Tiberius lived here, and remains of his villa can be visited.

More recently turn-of-the-past-century Russians would winter here, other better and lesser-known actors, writers, political refugees have stayed here, too. Today, the island is regularly over-run with day-trippers pouring out of ferries or hydrofoils from Naples or from the Amalfi Coast, rubbing elbows with their fellow gawkers up and down the island’s main squares at the port and higher up the hill, occasionally venturing on admittedly delightful walks along the island’s roads, frequently waiting for a boat to go the Blue Grotto.

Capri is much more enjoyable when the last ferry has gone and the islanders come out of hiding, but this experience entails finding lodging on the island which is, in high season especially, a relatively expensive proposition to be booked well ahead.