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Take Me To Italy – Artviva on Clubhouse

Take Me to Italy – Chat with us on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a new platform we are using to help bring you to Italy virtually! As you know, since the pandemic began and our travel dreams have been on hold, we have been working hard offering various ways to bring Italy to you at home, until you can come to us.

This March having marked the year from when our beloved Italy first went down to Italy, I am writing this from a warm breezy Sardinian beach on the first days of what truly seems like the arrival of summer. My colleagues are in Tuscany, watching the first blossoms and wildflowers sprout up across the hills, or in a very different Rome, calmer but sorrier without its usual throes of adoring visitors.

While we still hope, with the vaccination regime underway, to be able to share this Italian sun, scrumptious local food, spectacular architecture, and glistening mediterranean sea with you as soon as possible this summer and if not, next, meanwhile we will continue to share our favorite Italian passions with your lovers of Italy via all means we can. Next up: Clubhouse!

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is social media’s answer to eye strain. A new application, quickly expanding allows users to drop in to chat ‘rooms’ on all sorts of subjects and listen to the conversations, debates and discussions but also join in.

Clubhouse is voice only, so you can give your scrolling thumbs a rest and delight in the refreshing articulacy and accountability of fellow users. You don’t have to worry about the aggressions of anonymous “keyboard warriors”.

It reminds me a little of the ‘rostra’ in the forum of ancient Roman times, where orators could practice ‘ars oratoria:’ rhetoric. Those aspiring to oratory could have a chance to express their opinion of the day, or persuade others to their persuasion (still sometimes seen in little communes Italian piazzas ) and passersby could stop in and listen on the way to the market for their shopping or even have a go themselves.

At Artviva we’ve spent a lot of time examining the app, its functions, its pros and cons, getting a feel for its possibilities so we are excited to share this new endeavor with you.

Artviva on Clubhouse

Artviva has made a club on clubhouse called Take me Italy. We host weekly rooms on Wednesdays at 9am and 5pm Italian time with local guests: artists, artisans, authors aristocrats and actors will take to the stage with us to discuss all things Italy.

For the moment membership is open to all, so long as you have a real profile so we know who you are we’ll approve your membership. Everyone is free to drop into the chat room and you don’t have to speak but if you wish can raise your hand and be invited onto the ‘stage’ to have your say. 

How do I get Clubhouse?

Currently, Clubhouse is relatively exclusive. There is no android version available yet so only those with an iPhone or iPad with a sim can join currently. You will also need an invite from someone already on Clubhouse. At Artviva we have some extra clubhouse invites so if you would like one do get in touch with an email to [email protected] and we’ll get you on board with an invite.

From there, simply download the app and make your profile. If you’d like to connect to other users it’s recommended to link your instagram or Twitter so people can easily get in touch with you with a direct message on Instagram or to put your email address. We have found it a great way to make new friends, connections, and collaborations across the globe – it’s like a virtual coffeehouse where you can meet people with all your interests.

I’m shy – is Clubhouse for me?

Although in some ways, much more direct than other social media, Clubhouse is great for everybody. When you first get it, I recommend joining one of the rooms for newcomers where they go through some of the ‘etiquette’ and questions for how to use it and also let you have a go speaking just to practice if that’s what you’d wish to do.

Nevertheless, it is very possible to just switch on like the radio and relax and listen to what’s going on, there is no obligation to speak and usually, in the rooms, there is a mix of listeners and listeners wishing to join in the conversation.

Last week we had a chat about our favorite wine bars in Florence and another where we shared funny or embarrassing stories of mishaps on our Italian holiday, so you may find you have something to share when the time comes and we’re all very welcoming if you do!

Join us – Artviva’s Clubhouse Schedule: Take Me to Italy


Every Wednesday 9am Italian Time

Every Wednesday 5pm Italian Time


Join the club here. Follow Rose on Clubhouse here and tap the bell to be alerted before each event.

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Best of Italy!

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