small village in the cinque terre coast
Yearly Weather Averages Cinque Terre   Highs/Lows   Highs/Lows   Highs/Lows   Highs/Lows January 52°/38° F April 62°/46°F July 83°/63°F October 68°/52°F February 54°/39°F May 70°/53°F August 83°/63°F November 59°/44°F March 57°/42°F June 77°/59°F September 77°/59°F December 53°/39°F Click here to see the five day weather forecast for La Spezia
Yearly Weather Averages in Rome, Italy   Highs/Lows   Highs/Lows   Highs/Lows   Highs/Lows January 38/55 F° April 46/64F° July 64/83F° October 53/71F° February 39/56F° May 53/71F° August 83/65F° November 63/46F° March 42/59F° June 60/78F° September 60/78F° December 41/57F° Please click here for an up-to-date weather forecast: SPRING is one of
Click here to link to the BBC five day weather forecast for Florence Tuscany Italy THE WEATHER IN FLORENCE AND TUSCANY SPRING is one of the nicer seasons to visit Italy and in particular Florence and Tuscany.  Mass tourism has not really started yet and the temperatures are generally very comfortable.  Unfortunately
explore Venice canal
Yearly Weather Averages for Venice, Italy   Highs/Lows   Highs/Lows   Highs/Lows   Highs/Lows January 42/30 F° April 61/46 F° July 81/64 F° October 64/48 F° February 46/33 F° May 70/54 F° August 80/63 F° November 53/49 F° March 53/48 F° June 76/60 F° September 74/57 F° December 44/32 F°
It is not hot-off-the-press news that Italian food is delicious. There is, after all, a reason that it has spread throughout the world as a popular cuisine that is healthy, tasty and simple. And sometimes the history behind the actual recipes is almost as interesting as the great dishes themselves.