easter eggs and decorations
Easter in Italy is a big deal. The religious celebration comprises a week of festivities known as holy week (Settimana Santo) including Good Friday (Venerdì Santo) and Easter Monday (Pasquetta – ‘little Easter’). While the churches and towns are busy with parades, services and other eccentric traditiohns (see the Scoppio
gelato cones decorated with fresh fruit and mint
Here’s your go-to guide on Italy’s best desserts. Italian desserts can be a mind-boggling adventure of unusual ingredients and hard-to-say words. But at their best, they’re simple, home-made sweets with just a few fresh ingredients. So, read on for what to try on your trip to Italy, what they mean,
Florentine beef steak on a wooden platter with roast potatoes, bread and fresh salad
Get your must-have Florentine Steak Experience with ArtViva here! The Best Florentine Steak (Bistecca alla Fiorentina) can be experienced first hand with the new first of its kind cooking class: ArtViva Florentine Steak Experience™ Italy is famous for its culinary delights. And Florence, in particular, is famous for its beef-steak.
Leonardo da Vinci Code tour, best of Florence in one day
If you’re looking for a reason to leave everything, pack your things and take off for a tour around the world – or at least around Europe – why not leave for a Leonardo da Vinci’;s tour? Here is the ultimate list you’d need; country by country, all the places
Mad about lists? Here is a good one for Italy lovers. 10 incredible Italian women throughout the centuries; from ancient Rome to the end of the XX century. Let’s discover together what Catherine de’ Medici, Rita Levi Montalcini or Matilde di Canossa and others became famous for.   THE FIRST WOMEN’S